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Good day all.

Its been about a week since I picked her up. Prior to this, I'd been daily driving a 2005 Subaru Legacy GT Wagon. She has seen better days after spending 14 years in the Northeast. Had some much needed maintenance coming up and just decided it was time. Did a quick search for TDI's with terra cotta interior near me and picked up this gem. Its been about 12 years since I owned a VW (Had a MK4 1.8t GTI from 2002 til around 2007). Had a couple MK2's prior to that. My other toys are visible in the background in the below pic.

I am sure I will have many questions, but none at the moment. I will be doing most of my own maintenance when it needs it.

Here is a short of list of basics:
  • ~55k miles
  • Pure White exterior
  • Terracotta interior
  • Emissions fixes complete
  • One previous owner
Crappy picture just after I made the trek home from Ft. Myers


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