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There is no such thing as a single best tire. It is going to vary based on how you drive, where you live, when you put your snows on and off if at all etc.

The DWS 06 should offer more grip, especially in wet and definitely in snow. In western NY where you can have 70 and sunny and 20 and snowing in the same week in the spring and fall, decent snow performance out of your three season tires can be a big plus. The downside is lower tread life, higher cost, and some subjective ride quality factors.

The Verde plus chooses a slightly different set of trade offs. I would expect slightly quieter ride and better tread wear in exchange for a little less wet performance and a big drop in snow traction. With the Touareg's excellent all wheel drive and plenty of experience driving with reduced traction, I could certainly accept that compromise for the handful of snow covered road days before or after the Blizzacks are mounted for winter.

Both would work for me, but neither one is a clear winner. I'll be keeping an envious eye on Touareg owners' experiences with both as I wear down my factory Goodyears and debate which path I will take.
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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