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New T-Rex - Finally

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Hi, all

Just got mt T-Rex R5 TDI today. :D
It took 22 weeks to deliver.... :evil:

First 350 Km (+- 220ml) awsome... let's see how it will stay!
I´ll kee posted!

T-Rex TDI R5 (The Right 5)
Off-road grey Teak Cricket
Zeon light, Moonroof
CDC Suspension!
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Hey !!!!! You´re from Portugal :D ... me too... where are you ? Algarve ? I´m in Lisbon, going to get mine next week.. It´s the R5 TDi versão base isn´t it ? Mine is similiar to your´s, but it´s the top version, with antracithe seats and some more extras (according to your extras list..) But the outside color is the same... congratulations.. :D :D

P.S. Didn´t write in Portuguese because it´s rude.. do you have hotmail ? would like to talk with you about the car..
Lool.. haven´t noticed it.. you´re from Cartaxo and you have your msn mail there... :oops:
mine is going to cost even more... about 70000 euros... a full equiped V10 or something like that in the US... I don´t work for the Gov :D , but portuguese, to compensate the high prices, are a little crazy.. and some of us also have good jobs.. but the center of this is... there, you guys probably buy it on cash.. here, almost all of us buy it with credit..
a V10, with normal extras, costs about 143000 euros in portugal.. it´s crazy...
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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