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New T-Rex - Finally

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Hi, all

Just got mt T-Rex R5 TDI today. :D
It took 22 weeks to deliver.... :evil:

First 350 Km (+- 220ml) awsome... let's see how it will stay!
I´ll kee posted!

T-Rex TDI R5 (The Right 5)
Off-road grey Teak Cricket
Zeon light, Moonroof
CDC Suspension!
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What is it like in portugal???

Since we cannot get the R5TDI in the USA, Maybe i will move to Portugal to get one!!!
migpower any third world country, we just charge them with Taxes!

Hmmm, but you can afford one. Let me guess, you work for the Gov't????
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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