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New T-Rex - Finally

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Hi, all

Just got mt T-Rex R5 TDI today. :D
It took 22 weeks to deliver.... :evil:

First 350 Km (+- 220ml) awsome... let's see how it will stay!
I´ll kee posted!

T-Rex TDI R5 (The Right 5)
Off-road grey Teak Cricket
Zeon light, Moonroof
CDC Suspension!
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Ok !
As requested here have some pics....

Btw first 1200 Km and no problem whatsoever (KNOCKING ON WOOD - TRICE).
Average 29 mpg (10.5 l/100Km) - max speed attained 117 mph/186Km/h.
LOVE this T-Rex!



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Think again! Here (The R5 TDI) it will cost you 65 000 euro (78 000 USD)! :twisted:
For that price you can buy the V10 TDI on the US!!! And still save some bucks for the diesel fuel!!!
Why ! Portuguese taxes! Whe dont build cars here so, as any third world country, we just charge them with Taxes!

Nope! Unfortunate! :twisted:

I´ll it pay it for my a very long schedule to the bank! :(

And thanks all of you for yours photos comments! :lol: :p
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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