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New Roof Top Tent Installed

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A few shots of the ARB Simpson RTT installed. Went with the kit that includes the annex tent kit. Still in learning mode but by virtue of the tedius installation it allowed me to become familiar with the main tent inside and out. It's very clever and solid.

I took a wild guess hoping it would clear our garage door. With suspension in Load mode it rubs the rubber door gasket- leaving maybe 1/2" to spare. Extremely tight. Parking inside with the tent full of bedding is not going to happen unless the 19" wheels are reinstalled.

Already thinking of converting our utility trailer to work with the tent. Plus we could haul more stuff like bicycles, a rather large solar setup i'm making, as the Touareg is very limited space wise (we're downsizing from a 40' Prevost bus motorhome so anything seems small as we adjust). The tent will allow us to escape into the mountains where being high off the ground will have obvious safety benefits.

Headed out camping this weekend and should have some nice "in action" shots to share.


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Looking forward to your review on this. My guess is that getting the annex is a definite plus.
I'm nervous about these things. Aren't the roof racks only rated for 200ish pounds?
I'm nervous about these things. Aren't the roof racks only rated for 200ish pounds?

Agreed, I thought it was a pretty light weight. The older style on the 04-07 I believe held a higher weight rating, not sure it was enough for a tent setup. That might require a platform build with the weight evenly spaced the length of the roof in the 'slide' track.
static load is different than the rolling load- wont be peeps up there when your doing 70.
Tent looks and fits great Silver.
Any difference in fuel consumption?
How did the weekend test go? Get any in action shots?
Been out of orbit for awhile and just changed my settings to send me notifications.

Overall the tent has been great, even bouncing around off-road. We've camped in heavy rain storms with gusty winds to hot summer heat. And this spring in freezing temps and heavy snow, hail and rain. Definitely have gotten to know what RTT'ing is all about, crash course.

I'll try to answer some of the questions posted if people are still interested..... hoping everyone is well and staying safe lately.
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