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Hi All, I am a new owner of a 2017 Wolfsburg edition Touareg and loving it so far. I just picked it up this past weekend.
Not my first VW btw - had a 1999/2000 Jetta
I have a lot of questions and figured this would be the best place to get my answers and advice.
2017 - Wolfsburg edition - 28k - VW certified pre-owned.

What are the first things I should be looking into for maintenance?
What should I be cautious of and or should baby as to not incur premature failure?
What is the best oil type I should run on? Full synthetic- good? bad?
What type of Gas is recommended aka Octane level?
Is there a way or can the Touareg run on E85?
Recommendations to best online aftermarket or performance shop?
Exhaust, Air-intake, chip?
What is the biggest problem you have run into and at what mileage?

Thanks in advance.
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