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Hi to all of you on the forum.
Hope everyone having good holidays.
I’m new Touareg owner. 2013 TDI
Would lake to share thoughts and experiences with Touareg owners.
Looking forward to discussing good and bad experiences.

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Hi Sidsvw and welcome to Club Touareg. Add your Touareg info (year, version and engine etc) to your custom signature in your profile settings - then it shows at the end of each of your posts. This is helpful when you have specific questions/issues.

Take time to use the Advanced Search and read about your specific Touareg too.

You may want to get a copy of your Touareg’s Build Sheet, if you didnt receive it when you purchased, available at VW Service Depts (usually free) its several pages of everything/option specific to your Touareg. Also find out about getting the service history. When were fluids changed? If the answer is ‘i dont know’ then change them now. Maintenance is expensive and repairs are more so and not many techs are knowledgable with Touaregs - even at VW Dealerships. Sure they will say ‘yes we work on Touaregs’ but that can mean Tech watching videos or reading manuals. I have experienced this first hand. So when you find a great Touareg Tech - keep/her. If you plan to do your own maintenance and repairs, members on this forum may be able to help.

Touaregs are amazing vehicles. Do you plan to use yours as a daily driver, off-roader, trailer hauler or combination?
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