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Hi I am Adnaan from south Africa.Iv purchased a TOUREG V10 2008 model.Since day one iv had problems with electronics.replaced 2 batteries in 1 year.n keep on getting messages that alternator not charging.removed alternator had it bench tested and found no problem with it.
recent message --engine fault please service now and a pic of a wire loom.i really don't know where to start .a vw mech says the fluid in the
tank next to the diesel tank is this true.this fluid is priced at usd 131 per 500 ml.i believe it takes about 5litres????. will this sort the problem out.i am desperate , if cant be sorted out ill have to sell the vechicle.but I love it but cant bear the continuous elec problems.

sorry for the previous capp lock
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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