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New member with a 2004 R5 RDI

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Hi all,

Since a few days I am the happy owner of a 2004 Touareg R5 with manual gearbox. Living in a rural part of Kazakhstan, we have always relied on Soviet technology (Lada, UAZ and ZIL) for transport. It's the kind of technology you can repair with a hammer and a screwdriver.

Some time ago we decided to replace our Lada 2107 with something more modern. We could find a 2004 Touareg in reasonable shape for a reasonable price.

The car was sold new in Kazakhstan (as opposed to most Touaregs which have been imported from Europe as second hand) and has driven 179000 km. According to the service book, the first two years (66000 km) it was maintained by an official VW dealer, the next twelve years are somewhat of a grey area. We bought it from a truck driver who owned it for four years and treated it as a Russian Kamaz truck, because both his truck and the Touareg were using diesel :serious:

That treatment included not driving faster than 90 km/hour and using 10W40 oil. Fear was in his eyes when I took the car for a test drive and reached 110 km/hour on the highway :grin2:

We replaced the oil with the recommended 506.01, changed the air and oil filters and the car immediately started to love us. It was obvious she was getting the proper food for the first time in years 0:)

The nearest VW dealer is 650 km from where we live, so we rely heavily on our own technical knowledge and information available from online resources. The discussions in the Touareg Club forums have already given a huge amount of information to tackle the problems with our car. We took it to diagnostics two days ago for the first time in more than ten years, and there were some many historical error codes in memory that the only proper thing seemed to be to clear all errors and see which error codes reappear in the coming days.

Currently we have diagnosed the following problems:
  • Thermostat is constantly open and the motor doesn't reach 90 Centigrade
  • Fans seem to work more often than needed. The previous owner had just disconnected the fan wires to stop the fans
  • Dirty MAF sensor which cuts of power at high RPM, lots of carbon on the sensor
  • Door of diesel tank doesn't open with the switch in the driver's door
  • Some light bulbs need replacement
  • Passenger window doesn't open
  • Passenger side wiper has the "loose bolt" syndrome on the idle bolt
  • Airbag fault due to loose wires under the passenger seat
  • Passenger side mirror has been replaced with a cheap flat mirror
  • Down hill car image in the drivers display

I'll write the progress of the repairs here in the forum and will be happy to use all the Touareg knowledge available here.

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Glad to see I don't have to start by telling you about 506.01!!

That's quite a list to work through but it sounds as though it can all be done.

Kazakhstan is an interesting country: in the early 1990's I used to travel to Almaty [when it was the capital] for agriculture and aviation consultancy and experienced both the heat and the cold!

I have some very fond memories and experiences of the country some of which I can share and others I can't!

On arrival the queues for immigration and customs were huge as both the Lufthansa and Turkish planes landed at more or less the same time at 0600 and up to 500 people could be standing in line, sometimes for several hours, as customs X-rayed and searched baggage, and immigration checked for currency and asked questions!

My minder/fixer out there was an Irish man and known to Mr Nazarbayev so he used to use the President's card to get airside and greet me at the foot of the steps of the plane.

As I always only had a carry-on bag he would take me out to his waiting car through a hole in the hedge and deliver me to my hotel. His driver would them take my passport back to the airport [together with $20] for the immigration entry stamp!

If I hadn't had time to get my visa before travelling, there was an unmarked door airside that we'd go through and walk up to the first floor visa office where we would wake up the immigration guy before anyone else got to his office officially, give him $50 and I'd get my lovely, ornate, full page Khazak visa and my entry stamp before nipping back downstairs and out through that hole in the hedge!!
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I wasn't going to bother responding at all!


Like so may forums of this nature the moderators and we contributors give our time free and respond as and when we can with whatever we can contribute whether that's technical information, an educated guess, encouragement or just a bit of banter.

In such circumstances no one forum is going to have everything in one place so where we can point people to other sources to broaden opportunities to get information, we do [unlike the clubTDi forum where such useful help is actually banned!].

Quite why you think that's unhelpful after such a brief acquaintance with this site, one that has helped hundreds if not thousands of Touareg owners over the years, God only knows, but each to their own.

Or R5?

Key thing on your early car is using the correct engine oil to avoid premature camshaft lobe wear. Even VW dealers get this wrong.

Personally I would replace all the fluids, make sure the engine oil is correct or replace it if in any doubt, and then enjoy the car!

Here's a useful link to read and boomark to get up to speed if you haven't seen it:

Buying a used Touareg. What to look for. - myTreg forums
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