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Hi everyone! I'm not new to VWs, but I've never driven a Touareg let alone owned one. I've owned many Golfs and Sciroccos over the last 25 years and done every bit of repair and maintenance on all of them, the newest being a 2004 Golf 2.0. Currently my primary vehicle is a 2006 Silverado 1500 that has served me well for the last 6 years but now with almost 200K on it and only extended cab which is tight for the Kiddo in his car seat, it's time to sell it.

I live in the Colorado Rockies and commute between Boulder and Estes Park daily (55 mile R/T) It's only a vertical change of 1500' with some of it on Dirt Roads but the commute definitely puts a lot more wear and tear on a vehicle than most places and I have a pretty aggressive driving style on top of it. 4x4 is a must since it can snow pretty much anytime between late September through May and going up steep grades without 4x4 or AWD is no fun.

I'm specifically looking at the 2011+ TDIs since that vehicle will get me Good Fuel Economy, 4 real doors with seating for 4 adults, has 4x4 and can tow a decent amount if we get a camper in the future. For how well optioned these cars are and a decent towing capacity they seem like a bargain. However with VW's being notoriously unreliable I have some reservations.
  • Are their any common problem areas to be aware of? e.g. Transmissions, Differentials etc. that could be expensive to repair
  • How easy or difficult are these to work on? I can do it all, but prefer don't want nightmare type repairs like Audi S4 4.2 Timing Chains.
  • Do most consider this a durable vehicle? I'm not expecting a Landcruiser here but better or equal to a Tahoe would be nice.
  • What's considered "high mileage"? I generally drive stuff from 80K-200K
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