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I have been lurking for a while and I am now ready to pop my head up :smile2:
I live in Brisbane Australia. I currently own a manual 3 litre Nissan Patrol Wagon and I am looking to buy a Touareg. We don't do a lot of 4wding anymore apart from a couple of visits to Fraser Island, especially during the tailor season.
We visited a dealer today and was given the message loud and clear that the new model Touareg's would not be capable of doing Fraser Island.
This has confused me. I have searched the forums and people say they can. I know they don't have low range, no full size spare and the wading depth could be better, but ...
2 Questions
  • Can anybody tell me about the capabilities of the latest Touaregs on the sand ? Our Fraser visits are usually around Orchid Beach.
  • Also any advice on dealers in Brisbane & SE Qld?

Many Thanks
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