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Hi All, just joined after purchasing my V10 last saturday.
Had it chipped/remapped today. I thought it was fast before but the devil was unleashed today!
Getting an indicated 4-6 mpg improvement in MPG since too.
Time will tell.

Nice to be here

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Hey Phil,
You're in for a treat!
Its as awesome as the day I got it and I get bored with cars very quickly.

Some words that describe it.....

Style and build:
Quiet (no rattles anywhere)

Diesel? (really?)
2.5 tonnes and goes like a hot hatch
Quiet (again)

Feels a bit strange when a Range Rover pulls up by the side of you as they are quite a bit higher and you do feel a bit lower.... until the lights change that is :)
Not taken mine offroad yet apart from reversing it up a grass bank once and it went up without a skip or jump.
The air suspension is excellent in my opinion. Select sport when you want a bit of fun and it will stiffen up enough to make it feel more like a sportscar.
Jeremy Clarkson reckoned tha the sport mode made your teeth fall out.
No! Absolutely not. It's still a very comfortable ride.

I keep looking out to see if there's anything to pull with it though :)
I'm trying to find a broken down bus or truck :)

We do have a twin axle caravan and seriously, whatever the hill you come to, you're not going to be holding anyone up.

You're going to love it I'm certain of it.

Roll on next week!!!!!!!

All the best.

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