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Finally found my 'dream vehicle' to replace my daily driver ('89 Jag XJ),my gun show van,cargo van and a 4-wheel-drive winter car. Only other choices were the Audi Q-7 and the Porche SUV. Had only 89K miles....3rd owner.

Only regret is the lack of knowledge available at the local VW dealer and cost of maintaining it. Tried to get an oil/filter/fuel filter change...over $400.00 !!! And when I took it a call 2-hr later saying they could not do it because they did not have the filters and would have to order them. Purchased items locally and did it myself,thanks to you-tube and hours of searching.

Would like to copy/borrow a CD manual to print out a hard copy and would provide another hard copy to the lender for their use. Please advise/contact thru site or dime....800 380-4867...9-5:30 (EDT)....Len
Ebay in Germany has a 2008 English Owner Manual for sale....

Org. VW Touareg 7L Bordbuch Bedinungsanleitung Handbuch Anleitung BDA English | eBay

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