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New here

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Hi Guys, just but my 3rd Touareg. Just cured from the Land Rover virus. :)
I've bought a 2003 3.2 with some issues to sort out; looking forward doing that!.
It is dark green with a beige interior; a dream combination in my opinion.

really happy with it !
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Welcome to the forums. Nice SUV you just got.
Just as an advise, it is a good idea to get a version of VCDS or at least have access to one. It will read all the codes and help identify any possible issues.
Every time you post in here asking for help we will love to help, or at least try, this is what these forums are all about, however, we also ask for VCDS logs.
Hi Guys thanks for the advice; so I bought a PC and VCDS software. Run the autoscan twice and the batterie went down on me. So that's the first step to take; won't bother you with the codes now; first run it with the new batterie and then a new autoscan ! :)
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