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New here, 2014 TDI execline R

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Hi all, new here.
Here is the new to me Touareg 2014 TDI Execline with R line. Car is in very good condition and was completely stock when I got it. I live in Montreal

rear seats when I got it, now has 3 kid seats and monster mats.

First thing I did is to remove the original “fabric” mats with OEM monster mats front, rear and trunk.
Second thing was a Malone Stage 2 tune (keeping emission stuff). Next was the Start & stop button renewal, and when looking on how to do it I found the auto-hold function; so I just ordered the button.
I see some rockchip on the rocker, so I got mudgards for all 4 corners. Not sure yet if I will install the rear one as they are quite big and do not protect anything.

Coming next
H & R springs
20in wheels, maybe 15mm spacers. I don't think I would go over 20 as I like the tire sidewall on such vehicle.
Disable video in motion for the entertainment of the 3 kids on the back seat on longer haul
Gear display

I would like more power, but I don’t think the investment would be wise for the power gain (new turbo). I would like more compression braking, so most likely transmission tune eventually.
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I'll have another deeper look at the thread, thanks for the detailed (as usual) explanation. That is a pretty tangible explanation of the benefit of GTB VS GTD turbo. There might be injectors or other engine tweaks that offset some of that difference, but it gives a very good idea. I am not 100% sure we are comparing the exact same engine config with only a turbocharger change.
Ofcourse... those are not actual dyno plots, but rather manufacturer's published dyno curves for marketing and product launches. There will be many other contributing factors such as engine guts (better, exotic materials, reduced weight timing drives, hallow cams, etc) between the 2nd gen 3L and 3rd gen which will also improve things....... but if we try to keep\assume as many similarities as possible, it gives you an idea.

Even the "old" GTB tech had potential.... look at how it made 300hp in the Panamaras compared to our mall cruisers.... I don't have one of those dyno charts handy, but I'm willing to just to the conclusion that if we looked at one, we would see the curves coming on later and being wider than on our rigs.
Here she is... in her 300hp glory
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Yes... from a 13-14 Panamera
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I am not done studying the thread. So far my thought:
considering it is not plug & play, GTD turbo are out. The very low end torque is interesting and all, but fitment issues might overweight the benefit. There is promising GTB2260 using D components, but seems quite complicated too, and more importantly not available at the moment.

My thinking at the moment is to keep things relatively simple, so the best way seems to be GTB2260, delete all, tune and enjoy it as much as I can LOL
I will be following your build with great curiosity.
I figured a few will.

But unfortunately, I doubt any feedback I might provide will meet your need to evaluate if it was a good decision or not. Other than “it pulls a bit harder”, I doubt I can elaborate much more than that. I can also bring out argument like “better throttle response” or other subjective comments.

I do not intend to dyno the car as is or after the upgrade. I am open to sponsor to fulfill anyone’s curiosity to cover the dyno expense.

I’ll keep the data crunching, spec analysis and custom fabrication to my day job.
I will check out the used turbo tomorrow.
But unfortunately, I doubt any feedback I might provide you will meet your need to evaluate if it was a good decision or not.
Aaaaannnnndddd..... we are no longer friends..... :p

I find it fascinating how so many of our forums users are always looking for free advice and support, but when it comes time to contributing back to the community though simple results\quantitative data, you're suddenly open to sponsorship.

I will still follow it even though we've already determined that it will "pull harder". :ROFLMAO:
I can provide arbitrary numbers for estimate engine output in order to save our friendship fellow Canadian.

We can also drive to Mexico and do pulls; assuming we run the same tire specs under the same pressure, fuel level. But please be indulgent as I'll have 3 screaming kid in the back in their booster seats. If the difference is not significant enough I'll claim I lifted off as my youngest is facing backward

god I love sarcasm.
. I believe the turbine is all the backpressure that diesel engine needs to be efficient. I know that on a gas engine benefit from increased back pressure at low range.
Back pressure makes things inefficient.
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GTB is just an old fashioned thrust bearing

Gtd is ball bearing huge difference.
Ball bearing is indeed a lot better no questions. But the GTD is not a direct replacement where the GTB is. I would call it good, but not optimal. The same goes for the OEM GTB2056. It is not my first BBQ, I know price literally explode when putting in custom parts.

I'll get a summary of the $ VS power gain so far, once I get a good feeling about it.

Malone Stg2 was +-900$ CAN for 40ish HP. (I don't think the claim HP is realistic)

Turbo upgrade will be a bit more :
1000$ ish turbo,
stage 3 tune : 150$+250$+100$ ($ diff stg 2 VS stg3 + re tuning fees + delete)
deletes which doesn't get a lot of gains and are quite expensive.

So +- 3.5k$ for 80-90hp over stock with all emission stuff. About 5k$ without em. worth it? we'll see how it drives. A bit expensive, not ridiculous IMO.
Ok... so you're upgrading to a larger frame turbo with a slightly larger compressor.... (read inducing lag)
Same gen, no ball bearing, no TiAL compressor wheel, etc
Do you know what the difference between the two hot sides are?
I don't understand what you want to know.

I am replacing my GTB2056 to a GTB2260VZK that comes from an European engine, I am sure you know a lot more about them than I do.

I fully understand it is not the best turbo in the world.
No I don't want to mess with that turbo for now, unless you tell me that there are off the shelf component that will greatly make it better.
Yes there might be a slight spool penalty, I hope to erase part of the deficit by doing "exhaust" job.
Yes I understand that the spool gains from the exhaust work might not be huge.

But at the end, I expect low end range to be "about" the same; within 100RPM. and a BIT more power, 50ish HP.

So yes Ì am ready to trade a little bit of low end torque for some higher RPM power; but I don't see this as a big shift.
Keep in mind my turbo/engine has 203 000km too. The new unit seems to be in top notch shape.
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I don't understand what you want to know.

I am replacing my GTB2056 to a GTB2260VZK that comes from an European engine
I was just asking if you know the specs like turbine inducer\exducer\AR...... all good, I'll look it up if I get around to it.
I'm curious to see it and compare with the stock turbo too.

Looking for the specs, I came across this
I am also very curious to see if that would spool as fast as mine with a better top end considering rollers bearings. I know turbine/compressor spins VERY fast (+250k RPM), and I would like to see what is the difference in friction.

Spinning the impeller at room temperature is pointless as oil viscosity greatly changes with temperature. At room temperature, a plain bearing barely does a few turns where a bearing can spin and spin and spin....

same specs compressor/turbine would definitely get 300-500RPM spool advantage IMO...
eyeballing theses. Might want to give this snail a chance...

and a new compressor wheel that I yet have to find

I don't have the OEM data to compare...
Unless you know the exact donor vehicle, it will be hard to lose k into what you have without taking it apart and measuring. We can take some educated guesses but that's about it.

That part number you got gives hits for many vehicles varying from a 218hp to a 268hp vag vehicle.
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