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New here, 2014 TDI execline R

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Hi all, new here.
Here is the new to me Touareg 2014 TDI Execline with R line. Car is in very good condition and was completely stock when I got it. I live in Montreal

rear seats when I got it, now has 3 kid seats and monster mats.

First thing I did is to remove the original “fabric” mats with OEM monster mats front, rear and trunk.
Second thing was a Malone Stage 2 tune (keeping emission stuff). Next was the Start & stop button renewal, and when looking on how to do it I found the auto-hold function; so I just ordered the button.
I see some rockchip on the rocker, so I got mudgards for all 4 corners. Not sure yet if I will install the rear one as they are quite big and do not protect anything.

Coming next
H & R springs
20in wheels, maybe 15mm spacers. I don't think I would go over 20 as I like the tire sidewall on such vehicle.
Disable video in motion for the entertainment of the 3 kids on the back seat on longer haul
Gear display

I would like more power, but I don’t think the investment would be wise for the power gain (new turbo). I would like more compression braking, so most likely transmission tune eventually.
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The only problem I see with the aftermarket mufflers is the extra attention from cops. I am trying as much as possible to keep an OEM+ look; although I would LOVE a full 3in line and replace the suitcase with other mufflers.

My ride is a bit lower, non-OEM wheels, smell & smoke, etc.. Depending on the region you live in and local police mod friendliness it might track attention. And once you get called in for an inspection, not sure where they will stop.
For ease of installation I suppose, both Buzzken & Rawtek keeps the same Z shape with the DPF delete. I guess it was just easier because there was a flange right there.
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I paid 930$ USD all in for both parts in November 2020.
Now I just looked at the price, 878$ USD for the DPF and 768$ USD for the downpipe (1646$ USD!!) outch
Deleting just the suitcase must not make a big difference on sound. You need to delete 2 to get a significant difference on sound.
1- The cat on the downpipe
2- The DPF
3- The suitcase

Now deleting all 3 will be noisy & unpleasant for sure lol

As for this kit
This is not what I call sleeper. Awesome yes, but sleeper no
Also, they claim:
Note: Exhaust sound will not increase much at all with this kit only. Noteably louder when coupled to the DPF upgrade exhaust kit.

You need significant sound damping (muffler) with the other 2 gone

There are alternatives as well (less awesome, but yeah), but I fear it will increase noise level & attention.

To be honest, I would take a hair more noise; but I fear VERY MUCH that it will become too loud & expensive with no performances gains. So I'll pass for now, but if my suitcase ever shows signs of wear & tear (leaks) it will be gone before you know it!
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I have been lurking catback since the last couple of days

thanks guys. NOT!
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No. It is not even loud! Some cars are louder than mine from factory.
Louder yes. Loud, no
I am planning an eventual brake service.
Found those non-identical twins 18Z. I'll rebuild them and get them powder coat kaki green. I know it is not necessary, but it is not a lot more expensive than OEM so yeah... Of course I'll use 350mm rotor, they guy gave me a used pair with the caliper. 350$ CAD (both calipers, wear sensors, used disk & pads). Not bad.

I don't anticipate any improvement in braking feel & performance, but if there is I'll take it.

Still need to troubleshoot my towing harness issue, just need to find a trailer to test the new pigtail & connector.
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no errors at all. I'll test a trailer tomorrow or so and if it still doesn't work I'll pull VCDS again. Found a used controller for 125$. They goes for much more on ebay or anywhere else...
kinda boring update.

I got the alignment done last fall, everything was on specs. Fast forward one week ago, found a ****ing screw at the junction of the sidewall section just before our holidays where we intend to drive 1200km. Rushing to a tire shop, the guy doesn't recommend to fix the tire because of the sidewall load/movement. So I put one winter tire on and we drove away.

Now looking at the wear on the tire... WTF is this ****. All 4 tires were new 5000km ago. Now I have crazy camber in the back.

Got an appointment Thursday for a new alignment, I will most likely replace the 2 rear tires again...

Random picture of the ride with a roofbox I rented few weeks ago. I removed the bars immediately after I returned the box.

Lastly, I replaced all interior lights with LEDs, color is 2700K so about the same as OEM (which might be 2200K as it is quite yellow). I did NOT want the 5000K blue light. The light output is very impressive, I am pleased with that. Left is OEM, right is LED. 5 front reading light, 4 footwell, glovebox, 2 trunk. The only one I don't like is the one on the taillight, I prefer the model I got for the front door where the bulb is not replacable.

I should get my 18Z caliper back from powdercoating tomorrow. Looking forward for that as well!

lastly, I got a minor fender bender in a parking. The rear left reflector in the bumper cracked and broke the mounting tab, insurance company want to replace the whole bumper and rear diffuser. The rear left tail light got scratched as well. This will be the perfect opportunity to look for the towing controller...
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yes, I'm looking for the same Pirelli scorpion verde. looking indeed for less than 3/32 diff between all 4. Since the front one are almost new, I should be fine.

but the tires are 5000km old (3100mi!!), I didn't expect that!
I had quite a story about the alignment a few pages back. I got the Bilstein B12 mounted at one shop, they send it somewhere else for the alignment. I asked the sheet after and they "lost it". I mentioned I want it aligned again if I coun't see the result and they found it

I told the first shop I wasn't happy with those specs, they send it elsewhere (free of charges) and got this.

Nothing else have been done since. I have another alignment appointment at a third shop this Thursday, let's see what is what. rear camber is intense for sure, I see it with bare eye.

Side note, while looking for 2 used rear tire; I just came across those with Nokian Hakkapeliitta 9 SUV (275-45-20) mounted on. Very tempting, but I quite like the OEM wheels too; and I have the same exact tire. I'll sleep on it. Yay or nay?
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1/2-5/8in lower than stock R-line. Definitely not slammed. No way I would get such tires so quickly.

I fit 3 fingers between the top of tire and fender liner; one less than before.
The pictures don't do justice, the black wheel/tire is not pretty on picture. Much much better IRL.
The Hakka's are world class snow performers
I know, I have them mounted on the OEM wheels! They would be even better studded.
TBH I find 275 a bit too wide for snow, a 265 or even 255 would most likely be better (less floaty) but I won't replace them and I kindda enjoy the slides.

I would have to find out how much I could get for my OEM setup and see how much the cost difference would be. And part of me likes the OEM wheels (Cayenne summer, OEM winter). But I really like this shape of wheels and I think it would suit the Touareg nicely.
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holly Toe! The back was terrible, which most likely explains the tire wear.

Rear camber bolts are seized. So -2.3 & -2.3deg in the back. Not ideal, but I fear the work required to get it properly set (rear control arms & bolts). Small numbers before, larger one after.
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Last October man!!! less than a year. Our road are terrible here, but to get an alignment every 6000mi!?
How would frequent alignment "checks" keep eccentric bolts from seizing bruh?
Or did you want owners to get their stuff adjusted all the time at $100/pop to keep $10 bolts from rusting and seizing up?

@zambony, drill out the heads, hammer our the bolts, replace them, get alignment done.... no need to replace LCRs or bushing on bearing end if they aren't worn out, etc.
the mechanic told me that the bolt starts to turn but the arm doesn't move. So there could be some wear in the bushing insert.
My plan is to replace the rear tire once more and monitor wear. 2.5deg neg camber is not ideal, but not terrible if the toe is fine.
So my painter was obviously color blind and/or will never get a contract with the army. It is more pepermint than camo.

I guess it means I am loosing a friend here. oh well. These 18Z caliper will be a nice fit with my 350mm BBK
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my kids like it, I don't care what you guys say!!
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A single dyno pull is worthless
The only thing that matters is the same car (or same car model) on the same model with and without mods and measure the difference.

But there is one thing that is absolutely sure, it is faster & a lot more fun than stock. I'm not saying it IS fast, let's agree it is less slow. I like how it drives. A LOT.

I should get my brake pad wear sensor today or so, but the Motul 5.1 Oil might take a few more days ETA is Sept 22. I think there is a price error, they are at least 10$/500ml. got 12 for 76$ delivered. It was well over 50$ for 3x500ml, so go big or go home eh!!

I did the oil change during lunch today, got my stuff at the dealer. 184$ (CAN) for 10L oil, oil filter and crush washer. I really wonder how much they charge, probably 250$+tx or more.

I switched to the new 0W30 (over 5W30) witch is the new OEM recommendation. This should be nice for the winter. I always change the oil at fall because the oil is more performant when new and the cold start is probably the hardest thing on the engine (after the +900C EGT pulls of course ;))
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