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New here, 2014 TDI execline R

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Hi all, new here.
Here is the new to me Touareg 2014 TDI Execline with R line. Car is in very good condition and was completely stock when I got it. I live in Montreal

rear seats when I got it, now has 3 kid seats and monster mats.

First thing I did is to remove the original “fabric” mats with OEM monster mats front, rear and trunk.
Second thing was a Malone Stage 2 tune (keeping emission stuff). Next was the Start & stop button renewal, and when looking on how to do it I found the auto-hold function; so I just ordered the button.
I see some rockchip on the rocker, so I got mudgards for all 4 corners. Not sure yet if I will install the rear one as they are quite big and do not protect anything.

Coming next
H & R springs
20in wheels, maybe 15mm spacers. I don't think I would go over 20 as I like the tire sidewall on such vehicle.
Disable video in motion for the entertainment of the 3 kids on the back seat on longer haul
Gear display

I would like more power, but I don’t think the investment would be wise for the power gain (new turbo). I would like more compression braking, so most likely transmission tune eventually.
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The kit is in B12 box and all (still at local distributor and not at home) and I checked for the shock part number and it return to standard B6 rear shock.
Interestingly, Bilstein doesn't offer B8 struts in is catalogue, I assumed they were only selling it as full kit. But maybe their kit is using their standard B6 struts!!!

I'll dig this for sure.
I understand. What I don't get is why they have the same part number if they are the NOT same.

also, German translation get an additional 10mm drop :D

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Just spoke with Bilstein.
  • The B12 kit l bought is only listed for Porsche Cayenne on their website
  • All 4 struts in the kit are listed for my application
  • Eibach springs in the kit are listed for my application.
  • Some B12 kit are build with B6 struts when they don't make the B8.

So if you have B6 struts with Eibach lowering spring, you have got what is listed as B12 kit.

I should have stick with my initial order in February. H & R springs would have been 0.2in lower. Not that it makes a big difference, but it would have been a hair lower, a lot less trouble... and I would have it mounted in spring!
a bit more on that.
Bilstein told me that it doesn't fit the Touareg, it is designed for the Cayenne. I know the struts will work, but the concern is about the springs.

When I look on the H&R side, the springs are different between Touareg and Cayenne of the same year. hummmmmmmm
FINALLY got the B12 kit, rear top plate should come in sometime next week. Installation should be sometime mid-August, looking forward for that! I CANNOT WAIT to see the final ride height & feel. Then, the Touareg should be DONE with major maintenance item & mods. Most likely next year I'll get re-spray the rocker panels as they have a few rockchip immediately behind the front wheel (because it didn't have mud guards)

will report back!
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Dropped the Touareg at the shop yesterday to get the new suspension installed + alignment; should be ready tomorrow. I parked next to a regular (non R) gasser T3 Touareg and honestly I couldn't see a high difference. Will take picture when I get my ride back!

Also, I was curious to see the difference in size between the actual Tiguan and my Touareg. Very close! The Tiguan R-line look is not bad, but I still prefer my ride. And I don't think the 2L in the Tiguan is appropriate for a vehicle of this size.

As posted in the other thread, I measured the force VS displacement of the Cayenne Eibach springs before putting them on. Unfortunately, I didn't compressed them enough to enter the dynamic of the vehicle; fearing the coil would bang out of the machine and hit me in the face since the coil's end aren't flat (so the spring wasn't sitting properly). I'll measure the R-Line springs once I get them off; hopefully I can compress them a bit more (target is 1700lbs).
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Finally, THE picture EVERYONE (which is just you Volkswagens-for-life) have been looking for
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I'll try to get a better shot tomorrow. When I took the picture, the car had 5km since the installation was done. Handling/feeling as improved a lot. Less dive under heavy handling and all.

I had 4 loose fingers (4 1/4in) gap between tire and fender, now 3 fingers just. For the look, I would have took another 1/2-1in drop, but considering the purpose of the vehicle I am VERY happy with the look; and even more about the drive.

Being a 2014, just a shock refresh is an improvement. I think the B6 Struts are better than OEM, and with the lowering springs it just makes it better.

I'll take better pictures tomorrow if weather allows. I'll test the OEM (R-line) spring rate once I get the chance (1-2 weeks)
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I just dropped the Touareg to the bodyshop. There are 2 dent/rust spots immediately behind the front wheel. Initially I tough it was because of the erosion because of the projection of the front tire (no OEM mudguards). I went to VW for a warranty claim, but since there is an actual “dent” it seems like it is not covered. They are claiming the car has most likely been lifted on the rocker panels instead of the jacking pads just behind. It might sound zealous for some, but I like the Touareg very much and I intend to keep it for a long time. I haven’t seen corrosion on the carbody elsewhere.

Driver side

Passenger side

Some might have seen elsewhere on the forum, I am looking into the feasibility of a V8 TDI (CKDA or CUDC) swap. CKDA (Touareg) can make approx 420HP with a tune (stock everything), CUDC seems to be the same engine with bigger turbos (not sure what else) and can get up to 460HP. I would run fabricated/darkside downpipe & DPF delete. I would prefer to run an OEMish muffer to prevent tracking too much attention. I suppose my actual setup produces approx 310-320HP (with the GTB2260), so that would be a solid 100-140HP gain over actual, almost 200hp over stock LOL

This is completely unnational (but so fun!) considering I put approx 7000km on the ride in the last 12 months.

PS: I know my summer tire are worn, I have a new set sitting in the garage. I'll stretch them for the season and install them on the Cayenne rims. I'll run the winter tires on my OEM 20in R-line. I intend of keeping the spacers all year around.
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The shop who installed the suspension unjammed the "seized" bolts and send the car back to the same alignment shop that did a ****ty job the first time. And they failed again to do a proper job. So the shop I am dealing with took it back and went elsewhere.

top is how ****ed up the first alignment shop did (look at the toe!!), bottom is actual. Satisfied!

Truck is back from the paintshop, didn't need to replace any steel. Grind/remove all the old gravelguard, apply new stuff. Top job on both sides. yay.
They had a few really nice cars in the shop as well.
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thanks a lot
my turbo was installed less than 1 year ago and was in very good shape, I really hope it will last a little while! haha
It is a stock GTB2260VZK, internal upgrade are available (wheels, CHRA, ...), but I don't regret my choices. Bigger turbo will spool at higher RPM and ultimately produces more power at higher RPM; however the powerband I use the most is 2000-3500RPM.
A modified GTB2260 can become as big as a GTB2566, but the engine produces a lot less HP at lower RPM

I am still actively looking for a CKDA engine (4.2 TDI); but I am unsure if it will ever happen because of the availability/cost. looking at least 10k$ in parts
Spring is just around the corner. Still very happy with the Touareg and the condition it is in at the moment. With the fuel price, pretty pleased with the 3.0 fuel consumption, performances & look.
I did quite a lot of research to swap the 3.0 for a 4.2 V8 TDI, but the cost of the parts required is significant (+10k$), information is very limited. So not for now.
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I fear it will become a cop magnet. Tinted window + non OEM wheels + noise = ticket.
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I haven’t had the chance to make long road trip with the Touareg since I got it. I did a 1100km drive in the last 3 days, mostly highway on cuise control @120km/h. Way in 6.9L/100km, back at 8.4L/100km. Total average 7.6L/100km. 5 persons in the truck, fully loaded car booth. This is a +300HP, +500ft-lbs of torque; 5000lbs monster, far from a Prius!

For the first time in a very long time, I intend to keep my car for as long as I can. Love the looks, how it drives, how comfortable it is for the family, the fit & finish, fuel range, etc. It is perfect for me. The more I use it, the more I love it.
I figured almost 40% more power, same RPM so about 40% more torque too. 240HP tp 330 ish (+40%)?, so torque from 406 to 565lbs-ft (+40%?)

Regardless of the real, actuals figures; it aint no 1.4L
let's not get bug down with power and torque figures, it is irreverent to my point. What matters is how it drives, and it is awesome & fun lol

I can settle for stock figures if it makes anyone happy. 240HP & 406ft is still a hell lot more than most AWD cars and cannot reach the fuel consumption I posted. I couldn't even do that with my impreza (2.5 NA). it is golf sportwagen 4motion territory, but MUCH bigger and heavier.
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The difference between stage 2 and stage 3 with delete is far more important than from stock to stage 2. I don't know about the feel difference between stage 2 to stage 2 with deleted. I don't expect the snail to be a game changer considering the minimal size difference, maybe 25HP-ish and an almost imperceptible 100-200 RPM shift in powerband; most likely offset by the reduce back-pressure of the larger downpipe & DPF

Sound has a big play in the impression of speed as you get more feedback lol.

As you might expect, I am still very happy about the decisions/changes that I have made. Nothing else in mind, with the only exception of the window trim & front grill chrome delete. Maybe.
All jokes aside, have you confirmed the lie-o-meter consumption you're seeing with a manual calculation?
Is it even close?
I'm not liking these fuel prices so I'm only interested in deletes\mods to pick up some FE if anything.
No I didn't check if it was lying. I would have need to fill up, highway drive then fill again to get good measures. I did highway, mountain-ish spirited drive, then highway back home. Even if it is 10% off, I would still consider this good.

There is no way the cost of the extra hardware + tune is offset by extra fuel efficiency. But I appreciate the extra ponies and this is what I paid for; while fuel efficiency has improved.
Didn't you go right into deleted and bypassed stage 2 with emissions intact?
I went from 100% stock
then stock hardware, stage 2 tune (with emission)
then upgraded turbo, rawtek downpipe & DPF, stage 3
2 drawback of the mods:
  • Smell. It is quite strong, even outside. This can be annoying if you have an interior parking.
  • With the EGR delete, the engine takes longer to warmup. Thankfully I have the pre fix TCM flash, I hated to see the transmission shift so high on light throttle.
I agree and I don't regret. This is just so you know what you will get into.
The downpipe & DPF changes the voice as well, not noticeable under steady speed but definitely appreciable under acceleration.

There are 2 kits for the downpipe & DPF, Buzzken & Rawtek both made in Canada. Rawtek is more expensive, but better stainless quality and 3in (VS 2.5in). I got my kit at blackfriday and had quite a good deal (40% ish discount). the tune was 15% off in that same period as well.
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