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New here, 2014 TDI execline R

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Hi all, new here.
Here is the new to me Touareg 2014 TDI Execline with R line. Car is in very good condition and was completely stock when I got it. I live in Montreal

rear seats when I got it, now has 3 kid seats and monster mats.

First thing I did is to remove the original “fabric” mats with OEM monster mats front, rear and trunk.
Second thing was a Malone Stage 2 tune (keeping emission stuff). Next was the Start & stop button renewal, and when looking on how to do it I found the auto-hold function; so I just ordered the button.
I see some rockchip on the rocker, so I got mudgards for all 4 corners. Not sure yet if I will install the rear one as they are quite big and do not protect anything.

Coming next
H & R springs
20in wheels, maybe 15mm spacers. I don't think I would go over 20 as I like the tire sidewall on such vehicle.
Disable video in motion for the entertainment of the 3 kids on the back seat on longer haul
Gear display

I would like more power, but I don’t think the investment would be wise for the power gain (new turbo). I would like more compression braking, so most likely transmission tune eventually.
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this is what I'll use to test the springs. Might test the Eibach as well for reference.

We also have a damper testing rig, but I don't see the point to test my 6 years old shocks (and I would have to build adapter)
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Rockauto charges me 6.44$ to return the 2 front shock, I expected A LOT more so I am very happy about that. One of the rear shock was canceled, the other is still in transit back to rockauto. Springs were refund as well, so it went quite well after all

Received my flashzilla from malone, should het my tune very soon so I'll plan the hardware installation.

B12 kit is expected to ship Feb 10
I don't understand how some of it can make profit. I mean I can order 2 ketchup bottle deliver to my door at Amazon for LESS than what I would pay at the grocery store.
Chatting with Malone as I got my flashzilla and getting my new tune, I ask the guy approx how much power he would expect from my setup (GTB2260, downpipe, DPF) and he says around 300hp. I poke him that he is expecting LESS power with theses mods than running everything original with stage 2 (claimed 305HP).

I find this number on the low side but realistic. I was hoping around 325hp. Anyway, all theses numbers are hypothetical; what matters is how it will drive!

I knew very little (nothing actually) about Touareg when I got mine. I can make more sense of the many of the post, thanks everyone.
Looking into some maintenance to be done once the weather will get better. March? April? who knows.

transmission, both diff and transfer case fuild refresh (going OEM all the way), cabin filter, fuel filter, air filters, etc..

I found 2 service kit from the rear diff, with or without lockable diff. I didn't see any motor on mine, so I suppose it is not the lockable version. it look just like that. Curious to see which T3 got that LSD...

very resourceful thread
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The price of the oil change came quite at a shock. I called VW dealer and they mentioned more than once that the oil is good for lifetime (LOL?!) and shouldn’t be changed. I also asked what was left at my warranty and got informed that I didn't get the second part of the recall. If it doesn't come with a check, I will NOT do it as I got my TCM flashed already and I don't want to loose it!

I don’t care about what the dealer claims about oil life, I want to change it as no lubricant last forever. 14 years 240 000km is wayyy to long in my opinion. So I’ll analyze my old transmission oil; check properties (V100, oxidation, …) and metal wear. Let’s see who tells the truth!

Viscosity (40C & 100C)

spectrometer (metal wear)

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I didn't get a price yet. but I don't understand how they can charge 170$

The oil filter is 122$
The oil pan gasket is +100$
the oil is +150$ (6 liters at 27$/L)
drain & fill plug (20$ ea)

If they charge me less than what I can get the parts for, I'll go to them for sure LOL
ah! 170$ was the labor only!? from your post I was under the impression it was the total cost.

ECS sells a non OEM kit too.

I'm not going there. It can work for some, but for this I am an OEM type of guy. Definitely need synthetic IMO.

Pretty sure VW doesn't manufacture the oil filter themselves. Not going to take the chance anyway.

Meyle filter 42$
Automatic Transmission Filter

OEM, 122$ on "sale"
Automatic Transmission Filter
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Turbo and exhaust parts are getting on this Thursday, should get the truck back Friday. I tried to do a log this morning on VCDS, claimed 15.2s 400m, with snow on the ground LOL. 0-100km/h in 8.XX (forgot number, too noob to read the log). Snow storm is hitting us quite bad now, not sure I’ll get the chance to get a better run until then.

Bilstein kit not yet shipped (supposed to be the 15th), I’ll miss my window opportunity to get my stuff. Most likely have to wait until March.
If I understand your question correctly, at the moment my truck has stage 2 malone + OEM pre fix transmission flash; everything else is OEM.
  • sport mode
  • off-road, traction & stability control OFF

Friday, (if weather allows a clean run)
stock GTB2260VZK turbo
Rawteck DPF & Downpipe.

edit: from what I can find, this is not bad.

stock is 15.3sec
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This weekend it was very cold, and I noticed an exhaust leak, air was coming off the fender. I was hopping a cracked downpipe or something like that as I am getting it off... no cigar

Right side manifold, on the flexible....

stealership wants 656$ for the part LOL
found it cheaper there

Buuuut oredered it used on ebay for 100GPB. (166$ CAD delivered).

that is unfortunate, because they almost had it in their hand when doing the turbo...
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Got the truck back. Only drove it 15min of city driving. yet:
  • Turbo lag doesn’t seems longer. not significantly anyway (doing pulls in 4gear at slow speed), Full boost under 2000RPM.
  • Engine is a bit longer to warm up
  • The flexible on my old downpipe was highly deteriorated/leaking and covered in soot. Good thing I did it at the same time (I am at the end of my extended warranty)
  • Exhaust is louder. Not brutal, but noticeably louder. OEM was whisper quiet, now it can be heard under enthusiastic acceleration. OEMish sound on highway.
  • I always enjoyed low end torque, but found that the engine was falling on it's face above 3500RPM (even with Malone stage 2). Now low end torque has improved, and pushes quite a lot harder up to 4500RPM. It is intoxicatingly good.
I would have been curious to test the OEM snail with downpipe & DPF to see the difference of each parts. approx 22 lbs of saving, plus DEF

  • In my opinion, the step between OEM and Malone Stage 2 is small. It felt "improved OEM".
  • The step between Malone Stage 2 and Stage 3 with GTB2260VZK + downpipe + DPF is significant. It literally transformed the truck.

Video from rawtek
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Just to conclude on my turbocharger quest.

I am re-reading this thread, indeed GTD2263VK would have been a great turbo for my engine; most likely preferable to my GTB2260. However, there is quite a significant amount of fabrication required to mount it (Turbine IN are V-band and not bolted, exhaust too).





So the turbo core was the good choice. The only upgrade that could have been worthwhile is a ball bearing CHRA, turbine & compressor wheel; but that would put me at least 1500$ more. But honestly, I absolutely loves how it drives at the moment so I will leave it as is. I'll do a pull and check with VCDS. Boosting 1.9 Bar at the moment (27 PSI).
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Not yet, maybe this week. Working from home has it's advantages, but my daily commute to daycare doesn't get me above 60km/h all in residential area. By the time I reach destination (6km away), the engine hasn't even reach operating temperature.
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The B12 kit has been delayed yet again. I got in touch with ECS 2 days ago (1 day before estimated ship date) and he told me he could get it out on time (Feb 16th).

I got contacted by another seller that he could price match what I got from ECS delivered in USA (less taxes), so I cancelled the order with ECS and went with this other seller. Apparently, the kit is backordered until mid May. Price is 1701$ CAD tx in. I also re-ordered the spacers (15 +20mm) and should get them before I switch my summer tires.

minimum legal date to put the summer tire is Mid-March, but there is so much snow here right now I cannot imagine it will all be gone in 1 month.
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I did one run that wasn't clean at all, wheel slip in first and second gear. 15.1 @ 79MPH which isn't good. 0-100km/h was done in 7.8 (was over 8sec) so there is definitely improvement

I cannot wait for the snow to melt and getting some practice. however, I am getting worried about my transmission fluid and lunches, so I'll stay low profile until I change it...

here, the claim OEM
Trim0-60 times, 1/4 mile
2016 TDI Sport w/Technology 4dr All-wheel Drive 4MOTION
240 Hp, 406 Lb-Ft., 4919lbs Weight, 21 City / 29 Hwy mpg
6.9 sec, 15.3 @ 88

2014 TDI Executive 4dr All-wheel Drive 4MOTION
240 Hp, 406 Lb-Ft., 4974lbs Weight

9.5 sec, 17 @ 78

If this is true, this is quite an improvement

what I cannot understand is why the 2016 is so different when using the same engine... except that it is 60lbs lighter.

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it will never be a drag queen (lol), it is way to heavy to be properly fast; and to produce enough power will kill bottom end power which is the reason why the truck is fun in the first place. So although I like speed, I know it is not the purpose of the vehicle. I just want an appreciable daily, and I am REALLY happy about it now.

this video gives a good example on how it sounds at the moment.

I think the table above refers the 2016 as 286hp and not the 240 like mine; which would explain the quite significant gap in performance. My time (altough sloppy) make sense. 14.9ish 1/4mile is plausible on a clean run I think.

using this calculator gives ballpark estimate. I assume it consider perfect traction & shifts. Using 5000lbs and FLYWHEEL HP
240hp gives 16.6 sec @ 85 MPH
286hp gives 15.7sec @ 91 MPH
325hp gives 15.06 sec @ 95 MPH
340hp gives 14.8 sec @ 96.5 MPH

so it should produce about 325HP at the moment.
All seems to make sense, except for my 15.2 with only Malone stage 2 which would give over 300HP on stock hardware, and we all know this is way too much. Stage 2 makes approx 280HP in my opinion.

I don't want to start an endless discussion about quarter mile & power time.

Bottom line: I don't care how much power it produces or how fast it is. I really dig how it behave and sound at the moment, regardless of the numbers LOL
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I did a 400km highway drive this week, I noticed a quite significant gap in fuel economy. Stock post fix I was approx 8.2L/100km cruising at 120km/h

This week, I averaged 7.2-7.3L/100km for the same ride. Not a huge difference, still pleasant surprise.
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got my stuff for the maintenance, only waiting nicer weather. was still -15C this morning... too cold to work outside.

engine, trans, diff, transfer case oil
Engine air filter, cabin filter, fuel filter
15 & 20mm spacers
transmission oil filters
bunch of plugs and o-rings

this will be fun
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After a lot of back & forth for the suspension setup and thinking the B12 kit would be forever backordered, I just got theses pictures from my local guy. My Bilstein B12 kit is HERE!

so OEM ish (R-Line) ride height to be expected, but improved handling. Anyway, just refreshing 8 years old shocks with OEM would make a difference, so I expect this to be better than new. exciting time... soon!
Since installation is a pain, I'll replace the rear top plate at the same time as they have bearings. Front only have some kind of spacers that I don't expect to wear/deteriorate.

As soon as the old setup is off, I'll measure spring rate of the old setup.


otherwise, transmission oil & filter change is FINALLY done; all maintenance is now up to date so I am pretty happy. All filters (air, oil, fuel), all fluids, etc. When looking at it & driving it is hard to believe it is a 2014!
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