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New here, 2014 TDI execline R

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Hi all, new here.
Here is the new to me Touareg 2014 TDI Execline with R line. Car is in very good condition and was completely stock when I got it. I live in Montreal

rear seats when I got it, now has 3 kid seats and monster mats.

First thing I did is to remove the original “fabric” mats with OEM monster mats front, rear and trunk.
Second thing was a Malone Stage 2 tune (keeping emission stuff). Next was the Start & stop button renewal, and when looking on how to do it I found the auto-hold function; so I just ordered the button.
I see some rockchip on the rocker, so I got mudgards for all 4 corners. Not sure yet if I will install the rear one as they are quite big and do not protect anything.

Coming next
H & R springs
20in wheels, maybe 15mm spacers. I don't think I would go over 20 as I like the tire sidewall on such vehicle.
Disable video in motion for the entertainment of the 3 kids on the back seat on longer haul
Gear display

I would like more power, but I don’t think the investment would be wise for the power gain (new turbo). I would like more compression braking, so most likely transmission tune eventually.
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Just took measurements - fronts from the center of the fender liner to tires are about 4.5"
Rears from center of fender liner to tires is like 5.75" or so
WTF @ rake.... Mine is level AF.
Have you swapped in a V8 or something?
WTF @ rake.... Mine is level AF.
Have you swapped in a V8 or something?
You measured from center of wheel liner to center of wheel???
You got me thinking. Had a spring blowout over the summer. Dealership said the car has hybrid springs installed per the color coding. I had them install OEM. The rear has OEM and the fronts still have Hybrid, but I'd think the hybrid runs higher due to weighing more.

My car has a real tiny rake to it but not significant
I have never measured..... I'm basing my statement on the way it looks.
Strange. Looking at mine you can def. tell the rear-end is higher but not significantly so.. to the normal eye it probably looks pretty level. I imagine the rear end is higher like it is in trucks, where they expect it to drop to level once you get a load on the hitch
I'll measure if I remember when this nasty freezing rain stops and I park on a level surface.
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Assuming you do not have air suspension, yes you can get the B12 pro-kit for the 2004-2010 here:

Keep in mind, they are DIFFERENT part numbers 2004-2010 vs 2011+
I have a 2015 so obviously I wouldn’t get the 2004-2010. To be fair the shocks are the last things I’ll be doing now that I picked up another car.
My bad then I misunderstood your question. But there are B12 kits for both generations you were inquiring about
Bilstein 46-264909 B12 (Pro-Kit) - Suspension Kit .... ordered.
googled Bilstein #, clicked 15 website or so. tripled check fitment and PN, seems all good.

ECS is 1257 USD + maybe customs (1600$ CAD).
Got it for 1 577$ CAD delivered at my door.

Rockauto order update
1 rear shock cancelled
2 front shock refused (the most expensive package), back to sender.
1 rear shock should attempt delivery Jan 6th.

ECS springs
My order is not officially cancelled yet, as it was supposed to be a direct ship from H & R and they haven't confirmed yet.
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Trying to find information on the R line suspension is indeed very difficult. Here is the marking on mine

Looking forward to install all those parts now (turbo, downpipe, DPF, suspension). Not exactly sure when that will be since winter here.

I am really curious to see how the handling & stance will be affected with the B12 kit. Eibach claims a 1.2in drop with their Pro drop (VS 1.4in for the H & R); I was aiming for an additional 1.4in drop, on top of my actual stance. I guess that would put me about 2.5-3in total; but it won’t happen...

With that on, I think this will be the end of the modification for the truck. hopefully!
(except maybe wheel spacer for summer wheels)
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You aren't gonna find **** for information on Touareg spring rates
Your order has been refunded due to a pricing issue we are having with this product line. We are working to update the new pricing file promptly.

It was almost too good to be true (B12 kit)

Anyway, still looking/shopping. Might end up with ECS.

in the meantime, I ordered Filezilla dongle for the flash; which will ease the turbo/downpipe installation as I can do it anywhere and flash it immediately when it is done.
I can get 15% off the tune (where the distributer charges 100$ extra for the flash); which almost even out and I can keep it after. Also gives me latitude if I ever need another flash (eventual setup upgrade), or if I get another car.
I asked truckpart store how much would it be for the kit, claimed 1642$ + 200$ Shipping/tx (CAD). Went with ECS, just placed the order with 15/20mm spacers with extended bolts. ETA early February.

The H & R springs are refund, but they still cost me 22$ because of the currency change! Paid 276 USD Dec 18, got 276USD back Jan 6th but translated in 22$ CAD less. Since CAD is stronger, good time to buy I guess.

now with that installed, that should be the end of modifications.
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this is what I'll use to test the springs. Might test the Eibach as well for reference.

We also have a damper testing rig, but I don't see the point to test my 6 years old shocks (and I would have to build adapter)
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Please do get back to us with spring rates! I know you have an r so it's probably going to be different than most others but at least we have a starting point
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Rockauto charges me 6.44$ to return the 2 front shock, I expected A LOT more so I am very happy about that. One of the rear shock was canceled, the other is still in transit back to rockauto. Springs were refund as well, so it went quite well after all

Received my flashzilla from malone, should het my tune very soon so I'll plan the hardware installation.

B12 kit is expected to ship Feb 10
Under 7 bucks to return two heavy lumps?

I'm glad I'm not in the parcel business!!
I don't understand how some of it can make profit. I mean I can order 2 ketchup bottle deliver to my door at Amazon for LESS than what I would pay at the grocery store.
Chatting with Malone as I got my flashzilla and getting my new tune, I ask the guy approx how much power he would expect from my setup (GTB2260, downpipe, DPF) and he says around 300hp. I poke him that he is expecting LESS power with theses mods than running everything original with stage 2 (claimed 305HP).

I find this number on the low side but realistic. I was hoping around 325hp. Anyway, all theses numbers are hypothetical; what matters is how it will drive!

I knew very little (nothing actually) about Touareg when I got mine. I can make more sense of the many of the post, thanks everyone.
I could make a new thread for this, but your car is basically the one I am looking at. And you did a few things I'm interested in.

My family member has a 2015 TDI executive with 80-90k miles, good service and only has a small fender bender which was fully repaired. I'd likely be able to buy it at trade in price or potentially lower.

It seems like everyone here is going through a laundry list of things once they purchase their cars. What of these things is actually required to increase the longevity of the car/ how much of it is just flossing for better car "feel". I would be mostly interested in making the car run the longest without major maintenance but small quality of life things would probably be smart too. Also what sort of warranty should I go out of my way to purchase possibly.

If anyone can give me a nice list I would very much appreciate it.
90k with good maintenance records if nothing. At that stage you're still under the fix warranty for another 30k. Buy it and keep servicing it as per maintenance schedule and you'll get another 90k out of it.
Well that makes me feel way better, this forum makes it seem like its a project car that will die on you if you arent sniffing the fuel pump monthly. I will try to get it if i can, its up to them if they want to sell me the VW or a similar year Jeep grand cherokee.
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