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I will say I wanted a V10 TDI with air but after realizing that I was not sure I wanted to deal with the possible issues I decided on a 2010 3.0L TDI with 70K miles on it in near mint condition! So far I have had some minor issues. Lift gate ball broke off, had it replaced free from the dealer. Airbag light on right now but not super worried about it. Those were the only two issues I have had. The car has been nothing but stellar. It's powerful, fun to drive and goes through anything. I too own several older vehicles, one of them an 2005 audi allroad (air suspension), it's been fantastic as well but I spent a good $8K in the first 2 years to get it to where I wanted it to be maintenance wise and repairing problems. All new OEM shocks ($2500), new timing belt, timing tensioner, waterpump, thermostat, plugs, seals, hoses, sensors, wiring, radiator, suspension compressor rebuild, new suspension bags. But now it's solid! No matter what you will spend some money, so you either buy a newer one and spend the money now (with no warranty later too), or you buy an older one –the best one you can find and have it checked out before purchasing. Spend the money right away to repair all the problems and drive it! These cars are like nothing else out there. Especially the unicorns! But even for us here in the US, all touaregs are unicorns except for maybe the T3's which are not a touareg to me! ;) The older ones will cost you! Plan to always spend at least $5-10K in the first couple years unless you buy it from an owner you has taken care of the thing and has proof of all work done. I tend to buy my cars from people like this, I know what was done, by whom and since you have done all the research you can check off all the problematic issues (not that they won't be a problem later but it's still a plus). I will say this, despite any issues that will arise from me with this car, I will keep it. It's one of the best trucks I have owned! You will not regret the purchase despite the money you may have to throw at it. You are here asking these questions because you know what this thing is about! Sounds like the one you are looking at is in better condition. I would have them do another full inspection of the vehicle. You need to test drive it and inspect it yourself after your research and they need to inspect the common issues with these cars. If you can buy a warranty for it, I would go that route. (I skipped on this as I think most warranties are a scam). Good luck!
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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