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New Born Touareg in Brunei

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Just bought new Touareg tdi 2.5 in brunei cost me B$78,999.00. huh..
born to our life today 1st March 2008. estimate hopefully she be good no trouble to us for 5yrs times. Aminnnnn...

All the best for VW Touareg.
Dead to BMW heheehehehe aloha...hell with [email protected]#$%*[email protected]%@55 hell
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Im Kelvin Lim, from Brunei as well
I need help with my dad's VW.
Been alot of problem and sick of spending huge money for fixing it
I willingly to learn how to fix the car
but i am in experience and needed tools to work on the car
Recently the window regulator on the passenger side are not working
consult at one of the workshop in kiarong and price for B$80 for just closing the window.
I wish i could find help here and also tips from the experience.
Contact me via e-mail but the system does not allow WA me 7199895 or look me up on facebook using that email
Thank you for you time!!!!
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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