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Never made this first it is

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Hello clubTouareg, since Febuary 27th 2012 my dad and I have been rebuilding a 2010 Touareg TDI that was got a good deal on.

We don't do this as a business, it's more of a hobby for my dad and I was and am really excited for this suv to be done.

Since the touareg is one of Volkswagen's most expensive VW products, the parts and everything is extremely expensive lol

After doing some research, we started to order parts from Poland and Germany. I've worked on many cars previously but I've never in my life encountered such a heavy, solid and well built truck.

We have almost finished it, it's been a long long journey and a lot of BS with people in europe that got us the parts but it's nice to be almost done.

Here are a few low quality shots I took quickly over the weekend.

I must say, ElsaWin has been one of the most amazing pieces of software I have ever used. The amount of guidence it has given us, and helped us put this Touareg back to factory spec and to be able to have it as it once was.

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Looks like you and Dad are doing a great job!
Cool project and approach to getting parts--

Congrats on getting this far.

Can you share details on what you started with and the hurdles you had to get over?
Welcome to the forum, and thanks for the insight into your project. As with the previous reply, the more info you post the better, there are lots of like minded people here who are interested in what you have achieved. You probably have already, but EBay Germany is a great source of bits and pieces (

You are obviously having fun, keep up he great work!

Looks like you enjoy pain ;)
Hello everybody, I've already written out this response twice and have forgot to post as I do it at work, lol fail.


For anybody looking to order parts for the touareg, especially T2....they are expensive. Thankfully I had access to 20% off at the dealer for some hard to get parts and the rest of the engine related parts were purchased from

Anything that was too big and would be costly to ship from US to Canada we would order from Europe, such as the hood/bumpers/fenders/dash.

I've worked on many vehicles in my past but I've never worked on such a complex, well built and very strong suv.

The biggest trouble we would have is not being able to fully understand where some parts would go. Using google/ElsaWin helps 95% of the time, but then there are parts that you cannot exactly find where they should be or how they should be mounted. Sometime as simple as a bracket laying around can take a day or two to figure out where and how to install.

We are painting the front bumper, fender and hood this saturday, my PDC sensors should be in sometime next week and it should be ready.

Lastly, anybody that thinks or wants to undertake a project of this calibure, be financially ready as this was not an cheap project. The parts alone cost as much as the touareg itself when we bought it.

Was this worth it? Would we do it again?
...Now that we have the knowledge it would be a lot easier...but at the current cost of all the parts we probably wouldn't do it again. If the prices were more reasonable then sure. We paid just over 300.00 for a rubber hose about 2 feet long that connects part of the intercooler with the turbo system....BAZINGA!

So final thoughs?

1)ALWAYS ask for pictures of the parts you are being sent. If you make a far drive for parts...GET PICTURES so you don't waste your time.

2)If you need a part and you cannot find it or cannot find it at a reasonable price, use Google Translator and translate the part name into German and then search it on is also good

3) If you need OEM VW parts cheaper then the dealer, use, Zeb is the man and has dealt with me quite a bit.

Hope this helps
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Awesome! You and your dad are doing an amazing job; amazing.
And's done!
well 99% in these photos. Xenon's were adjusted today and rear seatbelts need still to get rebuilt.

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Ok mrrhtuner your Dad and you are now officially the Mr and Mr Goodwrench of Club Touareg. I was scared to change my xenon headlight a few weeks ago. We look forward to seeing you participate more often on this site. Your current posting number of 67 is not going to cut it. Great job on completing your project and we all look forward to asking the master a question once in a while.
This is a truly interesting and insightful thread! Thank you for sharing this and your thoughts with us, mrhtuner!

I might PM you with a few questions regarding the headlight assemblies installation... :)
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