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Just an Update:
Finally got the battery in today - not in stock; ordered thru Napa and they had to ship it from Denver.
I plan on putting it in on Saturday because I'm off work.

It matches up with the Specs that were posted, however upon looking at the old battery (the one from under the seat) the new one that I am placing in the Back - it is rather on the short end concerning the width.

Hopefully it should work okay I'd think?

Couple of questions for y'all:
1. Do I need any special tools to do this install? (The one located under the seat needed a specific wrench etc.)

2. Once I get it installed is there anything 'extra' that I need to do? - I plan on going for a bit of a drive once she starts up since the Happy Wagon has been sitting out in the cold since Monday.

3. And heaven's forbid but what if she doesn't start? my VW has started in -25 below F - so I'm a little worried because she's been sitting out there all week long.

Thanks for the help!! :)

I sent you a PM! :)
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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