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What's up everyboby,

My name is Brian and My girl has a Off Road Grey Touareg v6.
We have just did our first mod which was add an aftermarket Nav by Eclipes AVN2454. Looks and works great, was installed by and authorized Eclipes dealer.. my buddy Paul Hortan @ First Impressions in New Brunswick, NJ. The only problem i have is the I kept getting and error "Check Speed Sensor" so when i called the Eclipes tech dept (just for this model radio) they said they would have to call me when they called me back w/ info they said, "b/c the car was so new and w/ all the computers they are not sure where the nav should be hooked up for the speed sensor." Now i have a $2,000.00 radio ( and a bitching Girl friend)but not able 2 use it to it's full ability.I know i should just got the truck fully loaded but this is what we could afford! So My question to you guys (and Spockcat I hope u get this too) is can someone tell me and pleaseshow pic (Step by Step) of where i need to go to find and locate the speed sensor in order to hook up my nav to it so it will work correctly. And what is the speed sensor pluged into? Also please show me if this is not the place to hook up the wire to speed sensor then please help me to find out where i need to hook up the nav to the sensor. I aslo want to say that I very sorry for the long message..just am stuckand fustrated and really needs you guys help!!!!!!!! Please Help me
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