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Also own a '13 w/nav and traffic

as well as live in Chicagoland; although I'm not 100% sure, the Sirius traffic add-on includes both the detailed warnings themselves (separate button) and the red-yellow-green highlights on either sides of major roads where available; I use this last aspect almost daily to see if some streets & highways are backed up on my commute home; does save me time and I then take my alternate routes. The first 4-years of the traffic piece is covered by VW and then you can get a subscription along with the Sirius radio function (many don't think its worth it but I've stuck to a basic annual pkg); mine expires this coming Dec. In another car w/o GPS I've used the built-in maps app on my iPhone; it's OK but I do like the quick visual on the Touareg's GPS screen -- is it worth the two prices you're quoting, perhaps not unless its the latest one with Google landmarks, etc. showing and then of course, if you want updates down the road, they're expensive vs. just about anything else. I like the direction many of the car mfg's are trying with smart phone integration as the GPS OEM versions are always typically a few years behind.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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