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Hi guys,

Had a long list of issues with my 05 V8 treg... differential change, drive shaft replaced and transmission and 4WD replacement (and I've only had the car for two months!) don't ask.

Anyway, i thought I was over the worst of it, when my navigation started playing up. When I put the key in my navi radio and functions all work fine, but as soon as I start the engine it shuts down saying it's gone into safe mode, and even the code won"t unlock it.

I have a US SPec treg thats been imported into the UAE and the local (rip-off) dealership says it's a common fault with US CD Nav units and that it must be replaced. But I haven't seen any other similar posts on here so I'm reluctant to just fork out another $500 on a new unit.

Anyone else have this prob? Or have a solution?
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