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Nav System Accept Screen

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Treg delivered today. Great!
So far one major annoyance; "accept" screen on startup of nav system.
Does anyone know how to bypass this screen? Can it be'd out?
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I think you can remove it by switching to EU settings. I don't have NAV so I'm not 100%, but if I can recall, that's how folks get rid of the accept screen.

This also changes some other minor "features", I believe. Someone here will surely be able to clarify.
Check out this site...

Look for VAG-COM codes under General Information.
Nav Accept screen

If the settings are changed per spockcat's fix, will this change the radio and other settings to Europe? The p.s. attached to the vag com code spockcat posted leads me to believe that it will. Anyone have any experience to share? Thanks.
I vag'd my Access Screen away and I love it. I set it to Euro settings. Then I went into the MFI and set the units to the settings I wanted as far as MPG, 12-24 hours clock, etc. The radio does scroll differently. I think the scroll increments by 2 Mhz instead of one or something like that for the FM stations. The AM stations scroll by 9 Khz. This has not been an issue for any FM stations I listen to in the Atlanta area. I am having trouble getting AM680 becasue 679, 680,681 are not selectable.

The nice thing about the VAG-COM process is you can test different settings. If you don't like it, change it, or even change it back to US settings if you like...

Where do you connect the laptop to the Car in order to use the software and also where do you get the VagCom Software. :writers_block:
Vag-Com info

If you look under the dash on the driver side..just a few inches from the left side of the car, you will find a rectangular plug. That's your VAG-COM input plug. You can go to to buy the cable and software needed to hook you in to your Touareg. It sounds like you have a nice ride there...mine is very similar.
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