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Hi guys

I have a MY13 V6TDI that has 165K on the dial. It's been a fantastic journey so far (apart from a seat issue just after we acquired it). My problem this time is what appears to be a flat spot on take off, just after the Start-Stop kicks in. The scenario:

Cold morning (-2 here today), I'm driving my wife to problem. Returning to the office I am sitting at a traffic light, the Start Stop operates. I release the foot brake to kick it in again ready to leave. Light turns green, I apply foot to accelerator. Vehicle almost dies due to this flat spot...I have to release accelerator and re-apply to get movement. Timeline...seconds. But it is potentially enough for someone to rear end me.

I have just had it serviced for it 165K, and advised the provider of the issue. He gave me a story that they had cleaned the MAF (mass airflow sensor) and intake. They added diesel engine intake de-carb. This is supposed to have fixed it...but the same thing has just happened, less than 48 hours after. The question is, has anyone else had this problem? How is it rectified?

Thanks in advance for any feedback. Cheers
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