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My *new 2014 Touareg

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I had wanted a 4Runner for years and years, to the point I had spreadsheets with data from containing asking prices, miles, locations, the works. Then I went and rented one. Out on the highway, the 4Runner is horrifying. Toyota's 5spd auto is old, yet reliable, and MPG was horrifying. I went back to the drawing board. A few months later, I rented another and this time took it from Cleveland to New Jersey along the Penna Turnpike. The 4Runner couldn't handle highway curves, requiring me to brake a few times trying to do 75mph around some of those curves. It was then the Touareg appeared. I read how they handled better than the average SUV, the MPG was higher due to having the 8spd auto, and being a VW fan, the VR6 sold me.

Finding one was tricky as they aren't as common, but did manage to find one locally and jumped on it. Over 4 months, I've probably averaged about 24mpg, have had to replace the water pump, the AC control module, and have never wanted snow to arrive more than I do now. Coming from a MINI Cooper S, I can't wait to use the Touareg this winter.

Plans are to grab the lowering springs to bring it down, probably do bigger wheels once the idea of paying for 20" tires can be digested, and am debating doing the muffler delete to bring out the VR sound. I've seen a few videos with this, but not sure I'd want it that loud all the time. But currently all of the fun money is going towards the 70' Bug hiding in the garage :wink2:

Here's the shortbus, in her concrete jungle habitat.

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24mpg is not bad, I average about 17....

Handling is a lot better than 4runner, which is so disconnected and loose I thought it's going to shake itself to parts on Michigan roads...

Try find some anti roll bars with green dots and put them on, handling wise you will be on Cayenne level.

But still the toss-a-bility and acceleration will be a downgrade from a Cooper S. The truck is simply too heavy for the VR6, we are barely faster than a Dodge Caravan, if not slower... I wish VW had put the 3.0TFSI in there like they do in ROW market...
Was shopping on a budget, and the TDI's are quite a bit more. I have read how in the long run the return would payoff, with the greater efficiency, the power, but I don't plan to tow with this one. It's intending to be road tripping machine with a serious backseat for the dog. And if some friends want to ride back there, they won't be cramped.

- The 1 option has for winter tires in the 275/45/20 size, $1,061 (Dunlops) - yuck.

The MINI Cooper's are fun cars, the suspension is harsh, the steering is go kart like, the turbo had lag for days, and the upkeep is extremely costly for what your getting (ref. 2007-2013 years). I just realized I was a VW guy.

Where does one start looking for anti-roll bars with green dots? :grin2:

some good info in here with part no.

deals are always changing so google around for best price.
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My Vredestein Quatrac Allseason were about ?500. Quite a deal. Yes, a T is in no way a budget car..
By the way. If you go to the dealership, they will just pretend that you have a Cayenne. And charge you accordingly.
I would never recommend those sway bars if you have air suspension, but anyway, you'll be buying Cayenne sway bars... and just check out the price for new rims..
no air suspension for T3 for North America market. Even if you slap VW's face with piles of money, they won't sell. ](*,)
I never understand why VW not putting that TFSI in the Touareg for NA... it's not like Touareg is going to cannibalize Audi or Porsche... Q3 is smaller, Q7 is larger, and I'm not saying all, but some Cayenne owners are only after the badge, they won't consider the Touareg even it gets a great engine...

Bottom line if Toaureg is going to cannibalize on Audi and Porsche, isn't this is still better than handing customers to BMW and MB?...

end of rant...
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