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Hey Guys!
New member here. First post. Just picked up my 2012 on Halloween (Bad Omen? Hope not :)

So while I was searching for a Treg I looked at all year models and really liked the T2 that had the silver brush guard below the bumper opening. It kind of visually "finished" the bottom of the front end. The T3 sort of just fades to black between the fog lights. On some google images there is a lower valance there, but I dont have one.

Today was my first Saturday to fuss around with my new toy, and I remembered I had some silver drawer-liner leftover from a remodel I did last year. Lets try it out!

I really like the look, the install is barely decent, but it passes the 10foot test. :wink2:

Whaddya guys think? If I grow to like it, I would do it properly with real vinyl, as this kitchen product will probably fall off in our first Canadian snow storm.

Stock: Whoa, the picture takes up my whole screen.... Test picture upload below so i dont loose my typing here



1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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