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Airbag fault

I purchased my T-Reg on Jan 05, 04. The airbag fault came soon after ownership. Dwight Harrison VW - Georgia replaced the drivers seat airbag; two days later the fault light was back. I reported to VWOA for corrective measures.

Due to my problems with the driver mirror distortion and windshield distortion DHVW turned me over to VWOA. After several scheduled attempts to get the airbags repaired by DHVW at the same time as the mirror and windshield the correction was put on hold.

Given the lack of support and poor relationship with the head service manager at this dealership I came to the conclusion that getting my air bag fault fixed by DHVW was not going to be an option.

I took the T -Reg to Jim Ellis VW on April 5, 2004. . I was informed that the driver’s side airbag had failed again and they have ordered the parts from Germany. I was told it could be a while before the parts come in.

To soon to tell, but I hope this is the final fix.
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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