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Hi everybody

I'm from Europe Estonia. English is my 3-rd language so sorry for any spelling mistakes.

Our climate is quite versatile. In summer we get up to 35 degree Celsius and in winter up to -30 so All-time FWD vehicle with all the gizmos is my only idea of transportation.

I didn't realize this when I purchased it but few extras I have makes my Treg quite unique: Heated steering and heated window.
It also has a Webasto heater with remote. (its 2way remote so led indicator confirms if car had its signal)
Very useful gadget when it gets cold outside.
I love all the gizmos that I have. ACC and Side assist are also not so common among Tregs in Europe.

Its easier to list gizmos i don't have:
I don't have electric towing hook. (I have aftermarket one and none removable)
I don't have 4 zone climate, and heated rear seats
I don't have sunroof.
I don't have roll up window covers rear.
everything else i think i have...

I have had done mild chiptuning and its really beast of a car.
Its not V10 TDI beast but its enough.

I have owned it like 2 years now. And I love it! Although owning it is a pita.

What have gone wrong?
1. Replaced RNS 510 (1000€ new but without warranty) (stealerships asked 2000€)
2. Air compressor (not mechanical failure but leads have corroded unrepairable - still had to by new one) 400€
3. Engine had to be removed for maintenance all the leaks were sealant related. 1500€
4. Door handle replaced (used with work 300€)
5. Air conditioning pipe above front wheel was corroded through (parts + labor 400€)
6. Corroded rear abs tooth belt so all wheel bearing assembly had to be replaced (parts + labor another 400)

So 2 years in and with all the works combined it has been like 5-6000$ in repairs(Not counting maintenance). Still love it though.
Even I have realized it has been a little too expencive owning this car.:grin2:

Im always have been a petrolhead and in forums reading up about cool projects.
I recently sold my E28 BMW because i did not have time to mend it. Will buy new project car in few years when kids are bigger and we move out of comfortable apartment to somewhere roomier.

My beautiful R-Line Touareg is now my wife's daily kidsmobil and family's roadtrip vehicle.

Bought myself 2001 Nissan Pathfinder R50 for working. Hopefully this one is not so much of a moneypit and leave more cash for repairing Touareg.0:)



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