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Hopefully I've hit the right forum - I have a Singapore 2004 V6 which I am about to import to the UK from Singapore. Being RHD already I'm hoping it's reasonably simple. The one item I am sure I have to replace is the instrument cluster as it will need to be an MPH unit, Singapore is KM.

Do any UK members know of any other modifications I will need to do as it's possibly easier and cheaper to get them done here. That said if there are any experts in the UK I'd love to hear from you.

Thanks for looking.


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Are you intending to stay in the UK permanently?

The reason I ask is that I know you have very high taxes in Singapore so your car might be worth a lot more if sold there than bringing it here and then selling if that's what you might do.

A 2004 V6 is not particularly popular as UK people are into diesels [tho' I have a petreg V6!] but it's value here is probably around £7K as it's an import and that devalues the car on the UK secondhand market too by up to 20% or more.

Check out the classified ads here and here

To save modifying the existing instrument cluster you could fit an auxiliary MPH speedometer in the central dashboard tray for example.

Something like these:

Car Audio & Security: Car Stereo, Speakers & Subwoofers, Car DVD Players, GPS and CD Changers

Digital speedos UK suppliers of Digital Speedometers and Gauges

Nice small one perhaps?

SPA Design Digital Speedometer | Speedometers | Gauges & Instrumentation | Motorsport Shop | Demon Tweeks

Anyway, there's a couple of thoughts to be going on with.

You may already have the fittings in your rear lights for the compulsory fog warning light that just needs to be brought into operation with a new headlight switch and VAGcom. The Americans do this tweak here on .

Here's one or two posts for starters... is another site.

The UK Touareg site is and people there might have a better idea of how to meet the strict UK Contruction and Use Regulations.

You may also have to pay UK import duty and Value Added Tax [currently 20%] as well don't forget, in addition to the cost of shipping.
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