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MFI warning

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...just started up my new, 1700 trouble free miles so far, v8, off road gray w/ teak interior touareg and a message came into the MFI "fault- running gear workshop"...other than i got to get my car towed, does any body know what this means?...
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mfi warning revisited

thanks aircooled!...i just restarted and unfortunately the same MFI message reappeared...the car looks to be riding at the correct hight when viewed from the you think this a software or hardware problem?...thanks, tom
...good grief, i just restarted and found no problem message in the MFI...are you saying (aircooled) that your dealer couldn't figure this problem out?
:joy: mfi drama has concluded, the vw dealer fixed it under warrantee...took one day...i love a happy ending.
repair detail

hi aircooled...looking at the repair invoice i find part# 7LO616-214 levelsenso...took 4.85 hours to complete...driven about 60 miles since and can report no problems.
1 - 5 of 11 Posts
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