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MFI warning

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...just started up my new, 1700 trouble free miles so far, v8, off road gray w/ teak interior touareg and a message came into the MFI "fault- running gear workshop"...other than i got to get my car towed, does any body know what this means?...
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I means that there is a fault in the air suspension system. Does you suspension continue to go up and down? Did the warning go away with a reboot, I mean restart?

I have received this message from time to time. Sometimes it comes on and immediately goes off. Other times I have needed to stop, turn off the car, and turn it back on again. I have yet to have a fault code for the air suspension show up with a VAG-COM or on the dealers VAG. This has happened only to me when it is cold out.
No problem, but I have no idea if it is hardware, software or a combination of both. Like I said, mine only seems to malfunctions when it is cold. Looks like you will have to pay a visit to the dealership. Sorry!
They could not figure out the problem because the problem left no codes behind in the computer. VW will only work on a system if it produces fault codes and stores them in controller memory. Even though I get the problem and it displays on the MFI, it is not storing any faults. I'm not worrying about this problem until I get a solid repeatable problem that won't clear without a restart or until I start to get fault codes showing in the controller memory (of which I can scan using a VAG-COM tool at home).

For you, it might be worth taking it to the dealer to scan for codes, but if they are not stored, it will just be a waste of time on your behalf. I would wait to see of the problems become more prenounced. Play the suspension settings and see if you can reproduce the problem.

Good luck!
And . . . What was the problem that they fixed? Please do tell!
I assume that they found a fault code pointing to that. Thanks for the info! Now if mine would only do it AND leave a code. :anger:
1 - 5 of 11 Posts
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