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Hi all, Im new to this forum, and have purchased a 2005 3.0 V6 TDI and love it. It was a import from Italy to Bulagria where I live for a number of months per year. I have 2 questions which im hoping someone will be able to help me on, as the Volkswagen garage here was as much help as a "Chocolate fireguard" :confused:

1/ I have a Europe Navi DVD, but am in need of the Eastern Europe DVD which will include Bulagria. The details on the back of the DVD case is saying that its a MFD RNS2 type, but im looking through Google and all I can see is MDF2 RNS2... can I use this one, is there anything i need to do with the unit to get it working, or will I have to find the exact type... Does anyone have a Eastern Europe DVD / CD for MDF RNS2 who is willing to burn or sell, or where can I purchase one
2/ As its a import from Italy yep.... the owners manual is in Italian ....where can I buy a English version, even if I get the quick introduction guide would help till I find a full version... ive even sending emails to breakers in the UK asking if there have one but with no luck...

Many thnaks
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