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This is a rare opportunity to purchase an extremely well made skidplate that is already in the USA. I am the 2nd owner of this skidplate after @philthyphil purchased it during the group buy in 2016 and it was a lengthy process to get it here from Australia. Everyone who received one was very impressed with the design, build quality and protection. This is the only one available for sale in the United States.

It was built by @dragline1570 and he has indicated that it should fit all T1 and T2 models with the v6 gasoline, v6 TDI and v8 gasoline engines. I did a small modification to the plate to provide extra clearance needed for the dual exhaust of the v8 models.

I have all the hardware including the rear sandwich plate that was missing when I bought the skid plate.
I bought the replacement sandwich plate directly from dragline1570 so the fitment is perfect.
There is 1 bolt that stripped while removing the plate from the car and will need to be replaced (see pictures)
(note I just realized looking at the pictures that I forgot some hardware on the car - I will get them off the car and include them)

Here is a thread where people give their reviews of the skidplates:
Best Sump Guard I've seen

Thread from when I bought the plate:
(note: yes I shamelessly copied and updated the previous for sale ad)

Asking $650 plus shipping OBO, willing to help buyer with shipping, local pickup preferred.

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