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ottawabrad said:
Ummm...yeah...I have memory seats (hense the entire topic)... ;-)
Sorry, I figured out why you don't have the button on the side of the steering column. This is only on V8 models with Premium Plus or Convenience package. It is part of the "memory II" feature that includes memory for the passenger seat, steering column and safety belts.

I can't answer your first question with 100% confidence. Frankly, I would have agreed with the dealer, it isn't on your car. Perhaps the seat programming is such that prior to the customer programming the seat, it takes a relaxed position so that the workers accessing the car do not have to move the seat back and forth too much. Then during normal PDI, the dealer is supposed to check the memory function and the customer normally never notices their seat moved all the way back.
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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