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MDI function on my RNS-510 fails with iPhone 6S Plus

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Hello all,

I have an 09 TDI Touareg with RNS 510 head unit.

Previously, I had no problem using my old iPhone 6 Plus using either the Volkswagen MDI cable (with 30-pin to Lightning adapter) or the Tune2Air WMA3000A amazing bluetooth adapter that lets you stream to your Touareg even if you don't have the Bluetooth audio module.

However, I got a new iPhone 6S Plus and after restoring all my data to my new iPhone using iTunes, realized that the MDI button will NOT light up on my RNS510 when the phone is connected. Neither connecting to my Tune2Air wireless adapter nor using the MDI-lightning cable from Volkswagen will make the MDI button light up on my navigation unit. When connecting the new phone, the MDI cable will connect and the phone will begin charging, but it doesn't allow me to choose the MDI input.

I realize I could enable the AUX input and use an 1/8" to 1/8" audio cable, but I want to make the MDI work again so I can once again play music wirelessly using the Tune2Air. Any ideas?

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Try rebooting the 510.

I think the keys to press together are < > and the moon (day / night) button. Hold All three together until it restarts.

Try restarting your phone too.
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