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Hello there! Chris from VW of Langhorne in Langhorne, PA!

We are located just 30 minutes north of Phila Int'l Airport and it would be our honor to pick you up!

I would like to present my offerings on Touareg's for the month of May!

$1000 Lease cash still available

$1000 owners loyalty coupon

$1000 Conquest{VW will pay $1000 towards trade assisstance towards a purchase or lease of a new 2008 VW Touareg V6 or V8. The trade must be either a Toyota, Honda, Mazda, Acura, Volvo, or Hyundai!}

Money factor of .00024 for 36 months

Money factor of .00076 for 48 months

Dealer cash of $2500 on V6's

Dealer cash of $3500 on V8's{dealer cash cannot be combined w/APR or special leases!}

$800 UNDER dealer invoice here at VW of Langhorne

Example deal:

2008 VW Touareg 2 V6
Dealer Invoice{incl VW's ad fee and port prep fee charged to all dealers}{$407}=$37289
My price on a lease would be $35489

With $0 out of pocket:

$462 + taxes and tags x 36 x 12k per year

$444 + taxes and tags x 48 x 12k per year

If you qualify for the owners loyalty coupon{$1000}

If you qualify for the trade assisst{$1000}

Each $1000 down takes off approx $30 per month on 36 months, $25 per $1000 on 48 months!

Thank you for the consideration!


Chris Farnham
[email protected]

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nice deal.but I was told you can't use both the owner loyality,and trade bonus and the same time?
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