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Maybe I'm being silly but I feel like, most of the time, my v8 T2 feels like it lacks passing power on the freeway at average speeds in"D".

I know I can switch it into Tip or "S" but I feel like it should have more oompf when I punch the gas, even in "D". It will eventually drop down to lower gears and takeoff, but only after I slam the gas all the way down to the floor.

Am I the only one who feels like this or is it just my Treg? I've always heard good things about the power/performance of the T2 v8.

To be fair I am coming from an 06 golf GTI 2.0T with the DSG transmission. It's a much quicker and lighter car (even in it's stock configuration, which mine is) so that could contribute. But still, I feel like the touareg can be a little sluggish when trying to change lanes or pass on the freeway.
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