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I was greeted by a couple faults the other day. Luckilly I JUST passed safety/emissions :p
I'm pretty confident that the issue is with the MAF or MAF signal. I'm just looking for someone to help me understand the vag-com block readouts.

Rig intro:
'04 V10 touareg w/ 133k miles. It has an upsolute tune I believe (according to the sticker on the front). I just changed the oil and replaced the air intake filters. When replacing the filters, I found the post-filter air hose disconnected from the filter housing, allowing dirty air into the intake. Assuming this to be a problem that should be fixed, I got the tubes re-attached with some heat and a little silicone lubricant (not realizing the MAF was there). I dont think I hit the MAF, but maybe. once I got the errors, I disconnected and reconnected the plug, but error came back.

At any rate, here are the codes:

VAG-COM Version: Release 409.1-US
Control Module Part Number: 070 906 016 BG
Component and/or Version: V10 5,0L EDCA000AGSª6366
Software Coding: 0060575
Work Shop Code: WSC 02611
2 Faults Found:
19515 - Exhaust Gas Recirculation System 2: Excessive Flow Detected
P3059 - 000 - -
17575 - Shareware Version. To Decode all DTCs
P1167 - 000 - Please Register/Activate

I took two screen-shots of block groups 3 and 10.
My understanding of these blocks is that:
block 3.2 is the sensed EGR flow
block 3.3 is the requested EGR flow
block 10.1 is the air flow sensed by the MAF (total)

my understanding is that the EGR flow is a calculated number which would be esentially the displacement(by RPM) - MAF = EGR flow. However, the MAF (10.1) actually matches block 3.3 .

Am I reading these wrong? backwards? are the readouts backwards?



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I removed and thoroughly cleaned the MAF2 with MAF cleaner, gave same dead readings. When I disconnected MAF2, group 3 block 3 returned to its normal range of ~420 (reading off of MAF1). order a replacement and swapped it out. took less than 10 minutes. readings are back to normal, CEL stays cleared, no more errors in controller.

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