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Hey All!

I used to own a 2008 T2 VR6 (enjoyed it very much) and I'm looking at trading my Q5 TDI in for a 16 T3 VR6 (can't buy a TDI obviously at this time)

I drove the Treg today and really liked it. I have a few questions so if anyone can help me I'd greatly appreciate it

1) Does the LUX model use fake wood or real wood? I know on my 2008 it was real but not so sure on this model....

2) On the VR6 what are people averaging MPG wise?

3) Do the outside mirrors auto dim? I can't tell

4) How has the reliability been? I tried to look up via TrueDelta but couldn't find anything on the 15 or 16 models

5) How do those with the Terra interiors like their interior?

6) How do you like the LUX's sound system?

Thank you so much for any assistance
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