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Today I had to replace my Front Propeller Shaft due to a failed CV joint on the Transfer Case end. Priced a new one from VW and they wanted AU$ 1,200 plus fitting......after I picked myself up off the floor, I called M&S DriveShafts in Sunshine (VIC) and they quoted AU$ 500 to strip rebuild and refit mine. Simple decision, and it is now done. Beautiful work and excellent pricing.

Noticed the problem when I was doing a Front End Alignment yesterday, no noise or vibration, but the entire grease content had been flung over the under-body and transmission.

They also have a stock holding (13 in total - see brown boxes in attached picture) of NEW rear prop shafts in stock which are priced at $750 plus fitting. Which again is quite a bit below VW Parts pricing.

They also offer a conversion to the existing Touareg Tail Shaft, where they replace the Centre Bearing with an much stronger unit, which is serviceable unlike the factory unit.

Anyway, here are their contact details, and I can strongly recommend the quality of their workmanship. Mark is a really easy guy to work with.

Whilst there we discussed the option of building a single piece tail shaft for the Touareg, and he is convinced it can be done, subject to a bit of prototyping. He has already build a single piece replacement option for one of the Nissan 4X4's which is becoming very popular.

M & S Drive Shafts | Drive Shaft & Tailshaft Specialists

222 McIntyre Road
North Sunshine Vic 3020
+61 3 9319 8700


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