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Losing Coolant slowly

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Hey everyone,

So I recently purchased a 2015 Touareg TDI and have noticed that it's losing coolant. Every few days I'm having to add coolant but not a whole lot. It gets just below the minimum line and so I add more. I've added 3-4 times now since purchasing 3 weeks ago. The temp while driving never gets above 200-205 even during long trips so no overheating issues yet.

Where could this slow leak be coming from? EGR? Oil cooler? Water pump (I would assume I'd lose more if it was the water pump). Also would these issues be covered by the extended emissions fix warranty? Just wondering whether I should bring it to a VW dealer or to a good locally known VW mechanic.

Is there something I could look for myself? Are any of these issues easy enough fixes or just best to take it to a dealer?
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So I took it to my local VW dealer and they just called me to say "it's definitely the oil cooler leaking". Pretty annoyed considering the small dealer I bought it from said they replaced the oil cooler due to a leak. So that leaves me wondering...did they really replace it and if so did they just do a bad job or use a crap part.

The VW dealer is quoting $2200 to repair. Not sure where to go from here. Back to where I bought it to see if they'll fix this or to a local mechanic to avoid the dealership. Or do it myself if I can source the correct parts.
Its hard to tell where the leak is untill full valley strip.Mine was done twice because i didnt want it be the front plastic housing which required full strip of front of engine,which it was.Be sure to replace all plastic housings and hoses while your in there,my bill was a mere 5K.
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