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Losing Coolant slowly

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Hey everyone,

So I recently purchased a 2015 Touareg TDI and have noticed that it's losing coolant. Every few days I'm having to add coolant but not a whole lot. It gets just below the minimum line and so I add more. I've added 3-4 times now since purchasing 3 weeks ago. The temp while driving never gets above 200-205 even during long trips so no overheating issues yet.

Where could this slow leak be coming from? EGR? Oil cooler? Water pump (I would assume I'd lose more if it was the water pump). Also would these issues be covered by the extended emissions fix warranty? Just wondering whether I should bring it to a VW dealer or to a good locally known VW mechanic.

Is there something I could look for myself? Are any of these issues easy enough fixes or just best to take it to a dealer?
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Check out this thread: 2013 3.0 TDI - Probable EGR Valve coolant leak

Many have gotten it covered under the extended warranty. I'd take it to the dealer first (after reading that thread) and let them deal with it. It will not likely show any pressure loss with a coolant pressure test so they may be a little stumped. There may be evidence of coolant around the water pump but that is probably coolant dripping from the valley above. I was past warranty so I decided to do the work myself. It is not a very fun job. It took me 4 solid days. It is most likely the vacuum solenoid for the coolant line buried deep under there plus some gaskets under the oil cooler.
Go to the thread I linked. Lots of info there about getting it covered under the extended warranty as well as parts lists. The oil cooler itself is just metal plates welded together so it's more likely some of the other plastic parts or gaskets in the valley related to coolant. These are the parts I replaced. They are easy to get. I got mine in 3 to 4 days. Does not include oil cooler itself which is around $600.

Part Number Qty Price Ea Price Total
059-117-070 1 18.82 18.82
059-117-070-A 1 2.13 2.13
059-117-070-B 1 10.54 10.54
059-121-149-B 1 2.32 2.32
059-121-737-AM 1 112 112
059-121-506-H 1 21 21
N-908-091-02 1 0.67 0.67
059-129-717-N 6 1.69 10.14
059-129-718A 6 1.69 10.14
059-131-547-P 1 1.81 1.81
059-131-358-B 1 3.12 3.12
059-131-547-R 1 1.69 1.69
059-121-103H 1 10 10
059-121-625D 1 10 10


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059-121-737-AM is the part that seems to fail most often for people if you're losing coolant. Are you sure it's oil around the oil cooler and not coolant? Stick a long rod in there and dip it in the fluid to see the color. If it is oil then sounds like thr gaskets failed. You could be losing coolant to the oil channels. You wouldn't see dirty coolant in that case but they can do a fluid analysis of the oil to see if coolant is getting in there.
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