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Losing Coolant slowly

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Hey everyone,

So I recently purchased a 2015 Touareg TDI and have noticed that it's losing coolant. Every few days I'm having to add coolant but not a whole lot. It gets just below the minimum line and so I add more. I've added 3-4 times now since purchasing 3 weeks ago. The temp while driving never gets above 200-205 even during long trips so no overheating issues yet.

Where could this slow leak be coming from? EGR? Oil cooler? Water pump (I would assume I'd lose more if it was the water pump). Also would these issues be covered by the extended emissions fix warranty? Just wondering whether I should bring it to a VW dealer or to a good locally known VW mechanic.

Is there something I could look for myself? Are any of these issues easy enough fixes or just best to take it to a dealer?
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I noticed new oil cooler from Nissens. I am considering oil cooler change, but I cannot decide which part.
There are two possibilities: Nissens 91100 or Nissens 90807. Part 91100 is with aluminum plate, seals and package is also cheaper than 90807 (only cooler).

So what is the catch? :D
Why would you tell to the dealer where to look? They should know where to look. When you are losing coolant from oil cooler or EGR, there is always residue because G12 contains glycol which does not evaporate. After some time it will look like red sludge. Oil cooler and EGR are in the same area, so every leak will be visible between heads.
when coolant leaks does it disintegrate rubber gaskets and seals? I recently had other work done to gaskets between the exhaust manifold, cat downpipe, and fuel injector seal on 1 of the injectors.
If does, they would not be used in cars at all. Rubber seals are resistant to oil and fuel, only heat is a problem.
Thankyou. Okay so what do you think would have gone wrong when they initially did the diesel emission settlement software fix? The moment they did that it caused many of the seals around my engine and exhaust (mentioned above). The acelleration was even more laggy and it skipped or puttered a lot more until the dealership repaired the fuel injector seal. Something went wrong on day 1 of the emissions software compliant fix.
That could be coincidence. One this is sure...emission software fix is not good and engine will behave weird. I would recommend ECU chiptunning. New map will replace this ****ty emissions fix and engine will perform a lot better than before.

....until the dealership repaired the fuel injector seal.
There are two seals. One (at bottom) made from copper and second (approx in the middle) is classic o-ring. These coppers seals will fail after some time anyway. At this point, its recommended to replace all of them at once (on all injectors). That's quite cheap job.
I have done it at home. Seals are cheap, it was like 30eur (Elring parts).
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