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Hello, I'm currently a mk6 Jetta TDI owner looking to take advantage of the VW buy-back possibility to roll myself into a Touareg TDI. My wife and I just had our first child and while the Jetta adequately fits our needs we're looking at something more long term so a bigger vehicle with more possibilities.

We frequently take trips down to a beach house we have so medium-large tank size is a must. We always purchase the beach access pass for her truck so 4WD/AWD is a must. It's replacing my current fuel friendly daily so as far as I'm concerned a TDI is a must. The Touareg is pretty much the only car that fits my needs perfectly! '11-'15 would be ideal because I've become accustomed to the user friendly, comfortable, clean, and tech-y interior of my mk6 Jetta but the mechanical prowess of the '04-'10 V10 TDI with air-ride is just too awesome to ignore.
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