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Looking to add a LED bar to my 2005 7LA, can't find info on which wire is high-beam (shutter?)

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I've got a 2005 xenon+halogen 7LA and thought I'd try adding a LED bar to give the high beam a boost now that winter is coming, but for the life of me I can't find any info online on which wire is the high-beam (or maybe rather high-beam shutter, read that that might be smarter for these cars?) for the relay to get notice from and I don't have a multimeter. The LED bar I'm thinking of got a thin led strip as position lights too, as the relay supports it, might be good to know low-beam as well? Not sure if the bar actually needs it for the position strip to work but...

Anyone knows if it's available? I took a chance and bought a technical repairs manual on ebay but wow, that thing is way over my head.

Also, if anyone else added extra lights to their tregs, considering the special positive terminal in the engine bay with the red cap, are there any smooth solutions to hooking up the positive feed that I should consider? Would be extra nice to not have to open up wires to do it, the less "damage" the better. I think the wire kit that comes with my bar assumes you'll mount it on the battery.
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Not to be mean, but you’re doing electrical work and don’t have a multi meter, and the very easy to read wiring diagrams are too difficult? Perhaps you should leave your vehicle with a professional.
Haha well, I know what you mean, it just looks so easy if you know which wire to hook it up to. But yeah, you have a very valid point. I'm more of a.. follow videos kind of person I guess, not too many for older tregs out there while I've benefited from a few.

...And maybe it's time to get a multimeter.
Why not find someone write a Ross Tech cable and activate the 6 light salute option in the older Touaregs? Then all you need to do is get Xenon matched halogen bulbs for the inner flash to pass lights. That option gives you great light and no need to install aftermarket lights.

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The special battery terminal? Just use a 6mm but And bolt to connect the wiring battery harness through the hole. That's what I used. You can also use a small marine battery clamp as well.

Your approach seems like a lot of work and has potential for damage the car. Did you consider getting a premade wiring harness and feeding a button to your dash? There's a opening through the firewall that leads right to the foot well
Ok, been away for a while. Turned out that there was more damage done to the, what do you call it, holders for the headlights than I anticipated. I couldn't get my lights to click back like they should after I replaced my xenons/halogens (found out after driving a steep hill, found my right headlight almost falling out of the car). I left it at the mechanics to fix it, new holders and now I can use the normal tool in the trunk to remove the headlights again, phew.

BUT, as they were dealing with the front I just told 'em to add the led bar too and now I'm all set. Good thing is my lowbeam is really better after replacing the xenon bulb as well, and my high beam now is crazy good (Strands curved SRC 22" bar).

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